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Spectrum's inaugural 'Rock at the Royal'
30.10.08 -
Could the Royal Park Hotel (pic) be another Lomond? Spectrum hasn't played a gig in North Melbourne for a few years now, so it would be nice to think we could develop another inner city gig. Anyway, we'd love to see some of you there - it's an early start at 8.30, perfect for you - and us. Apparently they serve good, cheap meals there too.
The Royal Park Hotel is at 399 Queensberry St North Melbourne and the gig runs from 8.30 - 11.30
1) KAS play their haunting It's A Two Way Road Outa Town tune
Limelight songwriters concert
29.10.08 -
When I drove out of Kyneton and headed for home last night I have to say I was exhausted, but I was also just a little bit sorry that the series of songwriting workshops was finally over. Throughout the last five weeks I've been struck by how the group has been willing to take up the considerable challenges Bill and I have been throwing their way, climaxing with last night's 'concert', featuring the individual groups' renditions of the songs they'd written.

2) Pro-Fab dream of opening the Woodsend Caffé
We had only the one dropout, (mind you, that was a shame because I kinda missed the heavy-metal input), but we still had a fair diversity of approaches. Some of the songs had been pretty much settled a couple of weeks ago, but some groups (like Pro-Fab) were still tweakng their songs till the very last minute.
We spent the first hour doing a sound check, (which was a novelty in itself for most of them), and I know I may have disconcerted some when I sat out the front with my head in my hands, but I was fretting over the logistics of getting everybody on and off stage, rather than the quality of the music.
In the event the concert ran pretty smoothly, and although there were nerves in evidence, the four remaining groups
(KAS, The Daylight Savers, Happy Folk and Pro-Fab) managed to do some kind of justice to their songs. Incidentally, special thanks are owed to the Macedon Ranges Shire's Andrea MacDonald (and Merinda Richards) who pulled the whole thing together on an organisational level and did the washing up afterwards, and to Justin, the sound engineer on the concert night.
I would hope we get to do this sort of thing again, especially now we 've done the hard yards (and kilometres) and have some sort of formula in place. The feedback from just about everybody involved was extremely gratifying, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if one or two of of the aspiring writers in our charge might eventually find a rewarding niche somewhere in the music biz.

That might or might not be Paul, but that's definitely Ali
gig report
The Vault Unlocked

26.10.08 - This gig was originally slotted for the previous Saturday night - well, according to our worksheet anyway - and so it was fortunate I rang The Vault's Gary on the Friday before and discovered there'd been a breakdown in communication between the agency and the venue and it was in fact this Saturday. Unfortunately Daryl wasn't available, (which is why the date was changed in the first place), so we went up as the trio. We haven't been to Shepparton for ages, so we had no expectations really. It turned out to be a very nice gig, the sound was very good, the promoters and the people were lovely, and the accommodation was nothing less than sensational. Encore!

1) Happy Folk rehearse Stack 'em Up! 2) The Daylight Savers stir up the ghosts of past Kyneton mayors
The Limelight songwriting workshops move towards a thrilling climax
22.10.08 -
This whole songwriting workshop thing has been a fascinating exercise for Bill and me. When we discussed the format with Limelight Music's Dave Walker, I don't think we imagined that the response would be so positive, and that we'd be on the threshhold of presenting a concert featuring the songs written and developed by the participants over four short weeks. I mean, that's what we planned, but I don't think we actually believed that it could be achieved. There were some blind alleys along the way, but nothing too significant - and anyway, you'd expect some experimentation with the format when we've not done anything like this before.
The end result is that we have four of the original five groups that premiered their songs to each other last night presenting them to whoever we and they can muster up at 8.00 next Tuesday night at the Kyneton Town Hall. Bill and I will be playing a few songs and I'm sure there'll be a few surprises from some of the individual songwriters - and you never know, Bill and I might even have a new song especially written for the night!

1) Mary Rudd doesn't believe I'll publish this pic 2) Cathie and Trevor 'Legs' Leeden made it to the Capers gig
gig report
Breathing Space EPs preview at Capers goes off
18.10.08 -
I suppose I should've called off the show at The New Capers when it became apparent that the planned Breathing Space Too EP launch wasn't going to happen, but with all the extraneous business going on in my life lately, the opportunity to cancel slipped away and I decided we should just make the best we could of it. So it became a 'preview' of the next two planned EPs instead, and to help make the night something slightly out of the ordinary, I managed to snare the services of Jimmy Sloggett at the last moment.
I could tell by Ian Plummer's demeanour that he was concerned about numbers, but I was oddly serene, choosing instead to focus on conjuring up an interesting musical menu. We had a sound check set for 5.00 - 6.00 and we used the time to work on the preview songs, some of which we'd not played at all with Daryl, let alone Jimmy. The house sound man, Peter Fearn, alarmed us by falling off the stage while setting up Jimmy's leads and nastily twisting his ankle and banging his head, but, being the trouper that he is, he soldiered on through the night, actually giving the impression he was enjoying himself.
Before we took to the stage I said hullo to Trevor Leeden (pic 2) who said he'd cut short his Qld trip to make the show, and bro' Dick and Mary (pic 1) who are only rarely available to catch a Spectrum show. I was hearing rumours that Colleen Hewett was in the audience, and it was a thrill to find that the rumours were correct when she graciously came up to say how much she'd enjoyed herself as we were packing up after the show.
As for the show itself, the first set went OK - it wasn't too much of a departure from our regular trajectory and pretty much in the comfort zone - but we opened the second set with the cluster of half a dozen 'preview' songs, (three of which featured Jimmy's lazy groove), and as a result I was a little more on edge and postponed unveiling Xavier Rudd for a more relaxed occasion.
No matter, everybody seemed to enjoy themselves - Ross Ryan told me later that it was the best Spectrum performance he'd ever seen. Jimmy was fantastic and I hope that he's available for the real launch - whenever that might be.
Capers' ticket fiasco
16.10.08 - Apparently Capers' ticket service, Moshtix, was telling prospective on-line ticket buyers yesterday that Spectrum's show there tomorrow night (Friday 17th) is completely sold out. Not so - in fact there are still good tickets left for both dinner & show and show only, so you can go to The New Capers' website and secure yourself some tickets now if you were disappointed at not being able to see the show.
Stop Press: You might've noticed that we've snared sax meister Jimmy Sloggett as special guest for the night.

Phil and Paul from Pro Fab wait for Karen to appear
Limelight songwriting workshops roll on..
16.10.08 - Bill and I were at the Kyneton Town Hall very early again, accruing brownie points in our own minds at least. Just getting to Kyneton is worth brownie points, let's face it. We'd decided to throw an extra song project at them in the first hour, which quietened them down no end, and then we took the various groups into the next room and recorded their progress with their initial songwriting project (a song that presents a topical local issue).
Naturally there was quite a large discrepancy between the groups re' their progress, with some quite advanced, to the point of really just needing to polish the song, and others not able to address the problems of having to collaborate with other writers, let alone produce a song. Interesting.
1) Michelle and Garry enjoyed St Andrews 2) Declan from NSW signs onto the e-mail list gig report
Classic double ushers in summer
13.10.08 -
I've noticed that audiences seem to drop off to mark the change of seasons, and this weekend seemed to confirm that impression with both the Lomond and St Andrews hotels being fairly quiet. Still, they were both a lot of fun, and we managed to debut Xavier Rudd

1) Bill shows Andy a thing or two 2) Glen, Bill and Peter from The Daylight Savers
Limelight songwriting workshops
9.10.08 -
I looked at my Outlook calendar Tuesday week ago and realised to my horror that Bill and I were supposed to be in Kyneton within the hour for the first of the Limelight Music/Macedon Ranges Shire songwriting workshops. I eventually made it (a mere thirty minutes late) and managed
to bluster my way through till Bill arrived - when the session was officially scheduled to have finished. So this last Tuesday evening Bill and I were at the Kyneton Town Hall in plenty of time and the format started to fall into place. We've split the eighteen students into five groups (Happy Folk, The Daylight Savers, KAS, Monkey Crutch and Pro-Fab), and we're hoping that ultimately we'll be able to present a concert with each group presenting at least one song each. So far it's been fun and I think the idea could be a template for more songwriting workshops in the future.

All that's left is the back-stage laminate..
gig report
The Morning of the Earth in Melbourne
6.10.08 -
All things must pass, and the MOTE show has been and gone. The two Melbourne shows at the venerable Palais Theatre were more successful crowd-wise than anticipated and it's just possible that the show might go into another production in the New Year. It was certainly a departure for me and I have to thank everybody around me for keeping me calm and focused, especially the MD, Jamie Rigg. The youngsters, Lior and Ohad (Old Man River), were exemplary professionals and just happen to be talented as well, not to mention personable and unaffected. And it was great fun to work with Brian Cadd and reconnect with Tim Gaze and fellow Christchurchian, G. Wayne Thomas - everybody was terrific! I think I was at my most relaxed by the last show, which was good because I had the rels and the rest of the band in the audience on the night. Hooray!
MOTE - the show goes on

1) Tim rehearses Sea The Swells 2) Smokin' Tim Gaze with smirking Mike Rudd

3) Mark Johns and Lior discuss guitar licks 4) G. Wayne checks the weather report

5) Guy Noble celebrates with Amanda Pelman 6) Mark, Victor and MD Jamie Rigg

7) Old Man Ohad texts home
gig report
Morning of the Earth a hit in Sydney!
1.10.08 - I don't think I've been quite so relieved to have emerged safely on the other side of a gig as I have with the opening two shows of Morning of the Earth. Even during the second show I was pacing up and down in the darkness behind the screen, desperately going over and over the lyrics for the next song. I was also concerned that my voice wouldn't last the distance - remember that just four days before I couldn't even talk, let alone sing.
In the event it all was a huge success - the glorious old State Theatre was packed out both nights, and you could feel the love in the room.
Lior (pic 3) and Ohad (Old Man River) (pic 7) are two young men that I'd barely heard of before going into rehearsals, but they live up to the hype while remaining gracious and with their feet firmly on the ground. The rest of the cast (Brian Cadd, Tim Gaze and G. Wayne Thomas) are more in the ancient mariner mould, but
acquit themselves admirably nonetheless, and I think particularly surfers, or even people who simply appreciate the era, will love this show for what it is just as much as they did in Sydney.
I believe there are a few more good tickets available for the second show this Saturday night at the Palais, so follow the prompts (on the Gigs page) and buy yourself some tickets. You'll be sorry if you miss it!
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