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McSpedden's Gram-o-plane
A small step, or a great leap?
- I just received this message and accompanying pic from Hugh McSpedden, one of my favourite survivors from an era that will never be repeated (bad luck kids!). Hugh says 'a sneak peek at my latest creation (bit of a departure for me)
the all singing dancing Steam powered GRAM-O-PLANE, or Proto-Lysergic-Acidophilustrescope! But this is JUST THE BEGINNING!!!'
As usual, Hugh has come up with something totally Hugh-nique and is available to do his amazing lighting and projection for your parties, festivals and house-warmings on any scale. Contact him on:
(Speaking of Hugh, I must do a profile on him for our readers. So much to do..)
Spectrum rocks Mt Eliza Business School

1) The exterior of Reg's seaside shack 2) A couple of idiot interior decorators coming down the staircase

3) Part of the amiable crowd that braved the elements to be bemused by Spectrum (the staff were into it at least).
19.8.03 - If you live in Melbourne, you'll know that Wednesday was a stinking hot day. Naturally, we got the gig playing outdoors in the heat of the afternoon. The cirumstances were pleasant enough though - situated at the Mt Eliza Business School, former home to the late Sir Reg Ansett, who obviously entertained the entire Ansett fleet from time to time with a modest 82 bedrooms. The mansion overlooks the bay, on which not a breath of air stirred. I don't remember drinking quite as much mineral water in one go before, and I was totally wasted when we wound up. Bill and I managed to get ourselves down to the Clifton Hill that night for the last acoustic session of the year. Bravo!  
One Person Queue - Ross Ryan's CD launch

1) Ross goes horse 2) Jo Jo Leslie, Mark Holden and my lyrics book

3) Ross presents James Feldman with a well deserved long
service award during the show 4) Keyboard ace and legendary
comedian, Steve Blackburn

5) Rudd on stage with the Dot Combo performing Look Out For The Ricochet 6) Mike with Idol judge Mark Holden

7) Bill cuddling up with Steve Romig, Dot Combo's Anne Eastaugh and Steve's daughter Jessie
15.12.03 - Yesterday evening at Camberwell's Palace Hotel, Ross Ryan (and Company) held a wonderfully successful launch for Ross' long-awaited CD, One Person Queue. Lots of the Ryan faithful were in attendance - I've never seen so many women mouthing the words to songs as if in a trance - and Ross produced the goods in his inimitablely good-natured way. Nothing would have happened at all without the backup of the Ryan team, starting with wife and manager Tina, and son and door bitch Paul. Sound man and all round know-all James Feldman was singled out for honours during the night, and Ross' band, the Dot Combo, (including Spectrum's Robbo on drums) performed with distinction. Altogether an evening to remember, which can't always be said of CD launches.  
Calexico in town
12.12.03 - Calexico, Mike and Robbo's fave band, were in town last week. Robbo actually made it to both shows (despite it being publicised there was only the one show) and managed to take a couple of shots as well as fraternise with members of the band at the Hi Fi Bar.. Watch out Lisa!!  
Fatherhood CD launch

Rudd belts out My Dad Said for Fatherhood supporters
5.12 .03 - Last night the Chapel at Chapel off Chapel resonated to performances by some of the artists that appear on the Fatherhood CD, including Shane Howard, Steve Davies, Colin George, Kutcha Edwards, Archie Roach and son Amos, and yours truly, you know who I am.. Missing from the line up was the only female performer, Lou Bennett (from Tiddas), who had been whisked off to hospital, and by all reports had undergone an apendectomy that very afternoon.
Musical highlights for me were the spots from Shane Howard and Fatherhood project organisers, Steve Davies and Colin George. Martin Flanagan from The Age gave a thoughtfully entertaining talk on his experiences as father / journalist on an evening slightly heavy on chatting.

1) Shane Howard and Polly Flanagan 2) Kutcha Edwards - waiting for a top up - and band

3) Mike adds to the talk fest in the vain hope that a roadie will appear to set up his mics 4) Steve
Davies sound checks 5) Archie and Amos Roach on the appropriately decked-out Chapel stage
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