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More from the Quill of Quill
- Greg Quill and Kerryn Tolhurst have had the good fortune to be featured on a Bravo!Canada streaming video taken at their Oct. 23 CD launch in Toronto with The Usual Suspects and special guest Garth Hudson (as mentioned in Stop Press last month). If you'd like to check it out, just click on this link and then click on the image of the lads - you'll probably need RealPlayer or something of that ilk to play it.
Readers' feedback
25.11.03 Every now and then, a reader who cares, sends in his or her impressions of some little bit of something we've nonchalantly tossed out to temporarily satisfy a demanding public.Here's such a review sent in by a regular NSW contributor, Bryan Cropley. I'm sure Bryan wasn't expecting to be published, so the grammar is, shall we say, singular - but you'll get the idea.
Oh yes, I picked up the ABC's Queenscliff CD. I have to admit, Second Coming is classic progressive Spectrum moving from one point with your quiet guitar work to another building up to rampant and distorted guitar to that sudden halt coming out singing with Robbo and Bill in the background quietly on drums and bass (and the crowd suddenly realising a few seconds afterwards applauding the change as they were blown away to recognise it earlier) and then heading towards a tight ending. To the listener, it is full of great surprise not knowing where it will go. You guys certainly have your act together.

Thurs. 4 The Fatherhood CD launch @ Chapel Off Chapel
with Shane Howard, Lou Bennett, (ex-Tiddas) Mike Rudd, Kutcha Edwards, Colin George and Steve Davies
$30 + bf Bookings: 8290 7011 DOORS OPEN 7:30

Sun. 14 Ross Ryan CD launch @ The Palace Hotel 893 Burke Rd Camberwell
with special guests incl. Mike Rudd, Mark Holden and Jo Jo Leslie $10.00 4.00 - 8.00
Check out other Spectrum gigs on the Gigs page

Hey Gringo CD released
23.11.03 Daryl Roberts came over to the Accidental Music Studios on Wednesday to do some overdubs on the well overdue Spectrum Plays The Blues project, and delivered a couple of complimentary copies of his Hey Gringo Funky Car CD (pic) for Bill and me.This is the second in what appears to be an ongoing series of Gringo CDs dedicated to Daryl's Oz music heroes of the '70s, and even featuring contributions by some of them. The first CD (I Was There) featured Ross Hannaford amongst others, and Bill and I turn up on this CD with Brod Smith, Ross Wilson, Dave Williamson et al as reported in last month's Stop Press. You can get hold of a copy by going to the Hey Gringo website @ and get some background info about Daryl and the Gringos while you're there. Daryl's culled some pretty impressive reviews along the way. Incidentally, the photo of Bill and me on the back of Funky Car has a very interesting story - check out The Legend on the History page of this website.
Kevin Borich inducted into Hall of Fame

(above) Kev proves the pudding
22.11.03 Kevin Borich (left) was inducted into the Hall of Fame last night at the Mercury Lounge, and Bill and I were there to soak up the atmosphere and occasionally ask the hard questions (like, where is the Hall of Fame?) Kev endured the endless Paul Murphy tributes and an ancient recording of himself at the age of 12 singing 'I'm Gonna Knock On your Door', not to mention GTK footage of the La De Das, before firing up for a typical Borich performance, playing solo and with the Express. We left before the end of the set and met Gary Young, Jeff Burstin and Tony Faehse of the Falcons as they arrived for their show after KB. Jeff said his band the Hornets do a version of Spectrum's Going Home - love to hear that! (pic) Lobby Lloyde hugs Kevin after the presentation

1) Dan Fernadez of the National Film and Sound Archive speaks about Kevin and the impact he had on his life
2) Mike finds ex-La De Das' drummer Keith Barber in the crowd - they get married next Spring
Phil Jacobsen's party to end all parties

Birthday boy Phil Jacobsen (right) tells Mike Gudinsky a thing or two about Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs 2) Phil Jacobsen, flanked by Mike and Bill. Phil looks very happy don't you think? Bill on the other hand..
.14.11.03 - Bill and I have just returned from a couple of days in Verrierdale (just near Noosa) in Qld, where we attended Phil Jacobsen's (Spectrum's first manager) 60th birthday celebrations. (Life's a bitch at the bottom..)
Phil and tireless wife Maxine, have a lovely property in V'dale where they run brood mares for the racing game. The celebrations ran over two days, starting with a guided tour of the property (followed by a party) and finishing with a slap-up meal at Sails in Noosa (followed by a party). more pics

These fine looking gentlemen (left) met us in a limo at the Maroochydore airport. The one on the left is master farrier Jonathan Lister-Smith, who put us up in his house (the White House) for the two days we were there.  
Seasons of No Change
7.11.03 A sound check that ran hours behind schedule, fold back that promised the world and delivered a Volkswagen, a stand-up confrontation between two of the main protagonists before the curtain went up - so what's changed? Despite all the usual problems (and a few more), the much-heralded Seasons of Change concert bumbled on good humouredly into the early hours of the morning, and the portion of the close-to-full crowd that persevered till the death, caught an all-stops out jam that finished the night on a sort of high.
For my money, musical highlights were Sam See & Glyn Mason, and the song of the night was Nigel MacLean's 'Lucinda'. Thanks to Bob Spencer for the loan of his landmark amplifier

1) Brenden queries Martyn's take on the arrangement 2) Pip thinks of a good lie-down
with a Bex

3) Trevor contemplates giving his kit a good thrashing 4) Sam See and Glyn Mason get
Events Warehouse gig a hit

1) Spectrum plays Bill's Little by Little
3 .11.03 The Sunday arvo/evening bash at the Events Warehouse on Sunday was voted a hit by the good crowd in attendance - and by the band. Wine and cheese tasting added to the ambience, and the lack of cigarette smoke was welcomed by all. Events Warehouse's Dorothy Robinson (see pic right) is keen to organise another day with Spectrum, and maybe including some other acts as well. I can't wait - it was refreshing to play in a concert atmosphere with good food etc.and to see families there enjoying.. well, everything..  

2) Spectrum plays de blues 4) Dot Robinson has an aside with the cat in the hat

Catrina Bish sketches
Well known local artist, Catrina Bish, was persuaded by her family to come to the Events Warehouse gig on Sunday, and dashed off her impressions of the old buggers providing the music on the day. An un-named dealer said the sketches, all signed by Ms Bish, were 'probably priceless'.

1) Mike by Catrina 2) Bill by Catrina 3) Robbo by Catrina - all very definitely priceless..

1.11.03 If you're at a loose end down the peninsula way anytime this month, drop in to the Antipodes gallery, 138 Beach Rd in Sorrento and check out Annita Furey's very antipodean take on landscapes. I think you'll find it intriguing. (1 - 27 Nov. 5984 4217)

Ross Ryan CD released at last!
31.10.03 Ross' CD has finally been released after a massive gestation and heartache to match - and Ross is denying everything! Thank goodness Bill passed on my free copy, otherwise I would never have known that it was out. Over the past two to twenty years, Ross has been working on this project; writing, recording, re-writing, re-recording, deliberating, agonising and probably hallucinating. Anybody who can play an instrument has done sessions for Ross - and just about all their performances are on the finished CD. I urge Ross Ryan fans out there to go to Ross' website and find out where he's playing, go and buy from him in person and get the story about the saga first hand. While you're there, ask him about the inverted vehicle he's standing in front of (see pic) like some latter day insurance agent. For Spectrumophiles, Robbo positively permeates every track, with Bill and Mike taking a couple as well.
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