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Bill poses with most of the crowd - Bill is most of the crowd..

25.7.05 - It pays to have a sense of humour in this so-called business. Yesterday, (Sunday), was Mike & Bill's inaugural performance at Wellers of Kangaroo Ground. I arrived really early, which was my first mistake. Then I discovered one of the knobs from my duo special Fender Champ had been snapped off. Bugger! (I blame Bill). Then, after the healthy lunchtime crowd had dispersed, there were only half a dozen people left to take in a mesmeric performance from the dazzling duo. Crap! And then it rained on us as we loaded out. Double crap! Ah well, we had fun anyway. It's a nice venue - be sure to come on up, next time..

Wild Thyme indeed!
24.7.05 - The pic (left) was taken through the front window of Wild Thyme in Warburton, where Spectrum played on Friday night, and gives you some idea of the intimacy of the space. Space? I actually considered setting up al fresco on the pavement, but it was a little too fresco for that. It would have been more sensible as a duo really, but it was great fun to play with Robbo again after a too long an absence, and I'm sure we'll do it as the threesome next time we're there.
Spectrum and the duo sniff the fresh country air on the weekend
21.7.05 -
We haven't played Wild Thyme in Warburton for a while, and so it'll be fun catching up with the audience there, not to mention Robbo. And then there's the virgin territory of Mike & Bill at Wellers of Kangaroo Ground on Sunday arvo, which should be fascinating on several counts. I already had an e-mail from some peeved Robbo fans saying how disappointed they were that he isn't playing with us there.

Wanna touch my chainsaw?
Bill's Twang set to go
18.7.05 -
Yesterday, (Sunday), my son Chris and I set off to visit Rose and Bill at Rosewood in Strathewen, not far past the St Andrews pub. Bill had left a fridge and desk at my place, so I took the opportunity to deliver them to his relocated studio. Bill's become a bit of a chainsaw addict since he's been on the Rosewood property, and regails anybody within hearing distance about his chainsaw adventures. The good news is that just today he had the Bill's Twang CD mastered. We're all now waiting breathlessly for the next step. the big picture

The members discuss the finer points of the flukey breezes on the pond
Mike & Bill at the Yacht Club
9.7.05 -
What is it with yacht clubs? First it was the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron, now the Albert Park yachties. Top night, too. Bill said he was feeling a little trepidatious beforehand, wondering how we would fill out the evening, but both the audience and ourselves had a lovely time. Our thanks to Cliff and the members for making us feel welcome - see you next time!
Ross Ryan cancels
7.7.05 -
Ross Ryan's umbrella organisation, Coathanger (!), has cancelled at least the next two Fridays of Ross Ryan & Friends at Hardimans (July 8 &15), due to the upgrading of Ross' flu condition to pneumonia. At this stage the projected tour with Doug Ashdown remains unaffected. I'm sure you'll all join with me in wishing Ross a speedy recovery
  Hester Park? National Nine News
7.7.05 - Crowded House drummer Paul Hester could be immortalised in the name of a reserve he loved. A Melbourne council has called for public submissions into a plan to name the unnamed reserve, along Elwood Canal, after the late local resident. The City of Port Phillip last week began a formal consultation process to decide whether to name the stretch of land, between Glenhuntly Road and Wave Street, the Paul Hester Reserve. read more

Spectrum's smoke dreams
Ian McCausland site launched
3.7.05 -
I got a nice e-mail today from an old buddy, graphic artist Ian McCausland, advising me that his website was up and running. He's done some fine re-workings of some old themes, including Daddy Cool, Chain and Billy Thorpe, as well as a brand new Spectrum / Murtceps poster. (pic) While Ian was responsible for the Milesago album cover-art, he never created a poster as such for Spectrum, so this is a unique opportunity to own an attractive piece of poster art of your favourite band. Just go to Ian's site to purchase it, or any other of Ian's highly acclaimed posters, direct from the artist.

1) Bill Dettmer knows his picking 2) Derek Guille, Bob Spencer, his guitar and and me

3) Maria Forde asks Keith to lighten up and play 'Ruby'.
The party you have when..
3.7.05 -
Bill Dettmer invited me over to his place in Frankston North last night for the party you have when you have to cancel your concert. Make that a postponement rather than a cancellation, 'cause Bill is determined to pull the pieces back together for a mutually compatible date sometime in the near future. Also in attendance were Bob Spencer, Maria Forde and your local ABC's Derek Guille. Much excellent shiraz was consumed and Bill cooked up a storm. Later in the evening the inevitable guitars were produced and Maria previewed a few of her new Trentham songs, then Bill played a couple of his new songs. I stumbled through a couple of fragments and made a complete prat of myself.

Mike & Bill are a heavenly duo
The gigs of our lives
2.7.05 -
A casual look at our upcoming gigs shows that a) we're not necessarily doing more of 'em, but b) there's a trend to the new and untried variety of gigs, albeit largely undertaken by the Mike & Bill combo. OK - so we've been to next Friday's venue before as Spectrum, the Albert Park Yacht Club (Fri. 8), but we've not done Wellers of Kangaroo Ground (Sun. 24), and we've certainly not travelled to Echuca before, check us at The Winter Blues Festival (Sat. 30 & Sun. 31). I think you'll find another dimension unlocked in these performances, with a number of songs revived that we don't usually play at yer average Spectrum gig. Should be fun.
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