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Seasons of Change
29.10.03 With the big SoC gig just a week away, Mike, Bill & Robbo have actually got down and done some rehearsing! Mike's planning a few surprises for the gig and a few extra hands are joining Spectrum on stage for the recorded show at the Comic's Lounge next Thursday. Seen here (pic 1) is the enduringly sensitive Jimmy Sloggett, who's going to be doing a couple of numbers with the boys. Mike and Bill also went down to 3PBS studios in Collingwood this morning and did and interview with Helen Jennings (pic 2) and played a tune or two live-to-air.
Big Goose dead
29.10.03 News arrived the other day that a stalwart of Aussie blues music, former bass-player with Chain, Barry Sullivan (known to all as Big Goose), died in his sleep on Sunday night at his home in Queensland.
Barry Harvey (Little Goose) writes: 'Barry just finished a great gig for "Brother Goose" supporting Renee Geyer at the Tivoli in Brisbane last Saturday night and he played great bass. After playing on & off with the "Big Goose" since 1965, he was probably the greatest & strongest bass player I ever knew or heard. I will miss him dearly.'
The last time I saw BG was on the LWTTT tour when he turned up to the concert in Brisbane (see pic). I believe the funeral will be held next Monday in Queensland.
Robbo goes mad and attacks author of sensationalist LWTTT book
22.10.03 Tony Barber, the real Tony Barber that is, took Spectrum to Angus & Robertson's in Knox City S/C to sign copies of his book, Long Way 'Til You Drop. It was a bit of a Spinal Tap moment in some ways - we didn't have a huge turn up and we only lacked the agent begging to be kicked up the arse
(I was gratified that a couple of punters that did show had actually been tipped off from this website).
Tony smiles for the camera at Angus & Robinson..
Robbo wasn't happy though. It seems Mr Barber had spelt his name wrong (Robinson instead of Robertson) and Robbo had to be restrained from snotting the hapless Barber even before we got to the shopping centre. Well, not really, but the book itself isn't in the slightest bit sensationalist either, despite efforts to characterise it as such from certain quarters. Tony's just too nice a guy for all that rubbish.
While I contented myself with taking the obligatory swag of photos for this column, Bill had a wonderful time chatting up Nicole from Channel 31 and then doing a side-splitting interview with her - so side-splitting that Nicole assumed

Tony about to cop a smacker from a delirious punter
Tony signs my complimentary copy of the book
that I was part of the Putt/Rudd comedy duo and was disappointed when I could only muster up a couple of minutes of squirming discomfort in front of the Ch 31 camera. Ah well, it was only Channel 31..
It seems I have a new monicker though . Tony observed my penchant for low-key stage attire and dubbed me the Lawnmower Man. Just as well he didn't catch me in the girls' toilets then..
You can buy Tony's book just about anywhere - get it, it's a hoot! ($25.00)
The Georges pay a visit
15.10.03 Last night, Linda George and her brother Colin, dropped in to say hi and pick our brains to find a suitable venue for the launch of the Fatherhood CD. It's an old issue I know, but the lack of a suitable replacement for the Continental Cafe was prominent in the conversation. Colin's going to have to settle on a venue by the end of the day - I'll keep you informed as to where and when it'll be.
We were gone..
7.10.03 Yesterday the website was off the air for most of the day. Something to do with our domain name expiring. Oops! We apologise to those of you who were inconvenienced .
A note from the Quill of Greg
5.10.03 I got a generic e-mail in my junk mail box the other day from Greg Quill (Country Radio), and thought to myself 'Hmmm. A gig or two in Canada wouldn't go astray - I'll sound out the old Gregster.' Greg's real (earning) gig these days is as the entertainment columnist for the Toronto Star, but I caught up with him ever so briefly at the Port Fairy Festival playing with the as ever wonderful guitarist/producer you-name-a-musical-hat-and-he'll-wear-it Kerryn Tolhurst.
Amongst other things, Greg said: 'Busy right now trying to get some dates here next summer and fall (!!!) for Kerryn and me, and a proposal for another Oz tour in Sept.-Dec. as a trio with Garth Hudson.'
Talk about musical cred! It sounds almost too delicious to be true! But, as you can see from the poster, the association with Garth is a fact, and they're even planning to do an album with the great man.
Anyway, with one thing and another I'll be keeping in touch with Greg and I'll let you know what he's up to when it comes to hand.
You can check Greg's website on: www.quilltolhurst.com
It's A Long Way 'Til You Drop
3.10.03 More poop on the book of the epic tour from juliusmedia.com sent to me by the bemused author, Tony Barber. Incidentally, I'm thinking of having the book in question available for sale at our gigs and on the site. Let me know if you're interested.
From juliusmedia.com

Fear and loathing in old rock wars printable format
Bands go back on the road as promoters squabble. And about The Book...
Monday, 21 July 2003
Long Way To The Top was a money making spectacle with high production values and a quarter of a million happy punters when it toured the arenas. The tent version flopped, but really - no one makes money under canvas, do they? Now Countdown: The Stadium Show will, square up against Long Way Version 2, and the blood pressure is up. But it was Sam Righi's new company, Waterfront Entertainment Group that beat off the old guard to get the first 80's Best Hits concert off the ground. 'Now and Then' will run in November, with a mouldy but golden oldie lineup including Mondo Rock, 1927, Belinda Carlistle, Human League and Go West. Wow.
Sitting on the sidelines is author Tony Barber who played in the original Aztecs in 1964, and who had the tap on the shoulder to play again at both Long Way tours last year. His forthcoming book, called 'Long Way Till You Drop' has been caught in some savage backroom action, where some Long Way stakeholders appear to fear what will be written.
"It needed to be written", says Barber whose life in the quarter century between gigs involves children’s books. "But I've been staggered by the pressure and the tactics".
Barber's book is said to be uplifting and a true insider’s account of the Long Way tour, which was the creation of producer Amanda Pelman and rock legend Billy Thorpe - with whom Barber played in the Aztecs.
Five Mile Press will publish the book in October, and Barber says he hasn't gone deeply into some of the issues that may bug some insiders. There is reference to a character called "Rock Hard: The Gnome", a concrete individual who may have been liberated from a backyard and who bears slight resemblance to a performer on the tour.
Barber has fertile turf to select from, as the regional tent tour was thrown into some disarray with rescheduling and threats of legal action from performers who claimed they were promised a spot on the gig.
People who weren't offered a spot and thought they should have been are also quite vocal.
Then there were press reports that headline artist Brian Cadd departed his long marriage in favour of a female show staffer. But Barber doesn't appear to be setting anyone up for a fall with his book.
Meantime the ructions between Frontier Touring, who will host Countdown, and Long Way (2) management escalate, with rock groups like Psudeo Echo, The Models, Mondo Rock and Men at Work from the 1980’s rumoured to be reforming for one of the tours. Acts like Sherbet are also known to be working on reforming, and the Countdown tour is said to feature international acts like Human League, Thompson Twins, Erasure and Bananarama.
Some performers have claimed they’ve been told to deal with only one tour, so the current game is called: "guess which tour will do the best?”
Long Way is a Michael Chugg tour, while Countdown will be run by his former boss Michael Gudinski.Looks like a long, hot summer……
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