Mike Rudd's
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March issue #193

Mike Rudd soaks up all the good will in the room at the Lomond Hotel Wed. 4.3.20

Crudd goes monochromatic in the middle of a song (MG)
The third man offers Mike some good advice..
5.3.20 - I'd never seen this Mike Rudd feller perform before, but I decided last night to fix that and rolled up to the Lomond Hotel in East Brunswick, conveniently not that far from where I'm living at the moment. I know he wrote that song, Someday I'll Have Money, but I'm not familiar with anything else he may've written over the years - and I gather that's plenty. Plenty of years anyway.
I actually got to say a few words to him before and after his set. I thought he looked a bit tense before he got up to start off the evening, but afterwards I thought he looked even tenser.
He told me he doesn't do a lot of solo shows and prefers playing with the band, but he's determined to master the process as he 'slides inevitably towards oblivion' I think is how he put it.
Well, he should give up bringing a G&T on stage for a start. After the second song he looked at it meaningfully for a moment but decided not to drink any more of it because he was already 'struggling with his concentration'.
Well, that's what he said to me later, but I think he was struggling with his nerves. Which is odd for a guy who's been in the public eye as long as he has - I mean Someday I'll Have Money was a hit in 1971 for Christ's sake!
Look, the songs he played were OK I guess, but I hadn't heard any of them before and I don't think I was Robinson Crusoe in the room either.
Anyway, after he'd played half a dozen of his unknown-to-anybody songs he looked kind of desperate. He put down his guitar (hooray!) and picked up a harmonica. He started playing a harmonica riffy thing that I think he was making up on the spot and then launched into a song that I personally didn't recognise (again), but everybody else in the room did that's for sure,* because they all started singing along like they were at a scout jamboree or something.
Acapella - that's what it is. I mean there was the harmonica, but it was more the sheer relief from the audience that
at last they recognised something that turned this struggling old dude in a Fender T-shirt into a struggling old legend in a Fender T-shirt.
He didn't even do The Song, but I wasn't that fussed. In fact, as he took his guitar and Supply & Demand plastic gig bag out into the drizzling rain I told him that at least now I could tick Mike Rudd off my bucket list.
He didn't look that impressed actually but I s'pose he's heard that kind of shit before.
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