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Jan. issue #184

The Pirates Tavern welcomes the Indelibles back to the Williamstown docks 5.4.19

Daz frantically tries to fix his EQ - the only pic I took..

Something fishy in Davey Jones' locker
12.4.19 - I had a clear run to the gig and Maria had put some of her lentil soup into the trusty Stanley thermos flask, so I thought I might be in the clear for a change. But no - when I looked at the stage once we were all set up I realised that I'd neglected to bring our mic stands! Maurice was none too pleased that he had to 'go upstairs' and retrieve a couple of his own stands, but had mellowed sufficiently by the second set to allow me a complimentary G&T.
Daz had a spot of bother too - his equaliser packed it in (pic) and despite his best efforts he was unable to repair it. I thought it sounded fine from my side of the stage, but he wasn't very comfortable with it.
I included Strange Brew and Worm-Turning Blues for something different, but otherwise it was a pretty standard Indelibles' night, although, I can't remember which number it was, but Robbo finished off with a signature flourish I thought I recognised. 'Hey Robbo, you just played a Keaton ending!' Robbo looked surprised and said, 'Wow! I'm ripping off my own son!'
The crowd was down on last time but I didn't take it to heart. CBD dwellers Dave and Maree rolled up as well as locals Greg and Joanne Blunt. Wendy Rowe wasn't taking pics but told me about some of Rob's adventures in New Orleans. It's quality that counts in the end..

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