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gig report / A gig! A gig! My kingdom for a gig! The Suits play Blunty's Sat. 22.9.18

1) The interiior from the stage of the Blunt boatshed on the Williamstown foreshore 2) The chaps with Greg and Jo Blunt after the gig

3) The cake celebrating 160 years in business for the Blunt family 4) Greg and Joanne up close and personal wioth the Cruddster
Twelve years later the Blunt boatshed again echoes to the strains of music from Rudd & Co.
23.9.18 -
Robbo and I remembered the Blunt boatshed from when we last played for Blunts' Greg and Joanne (pics 2 & 4) way back in 2008 with my late buddy Bill Putt, (appropriately nick-named Bilge Pump by Harvery James) but it was all new to Suits' bassman, Broc O'Connor. Being my neighbour in nearby Wandin, Broc hitched a ride wih me to Willy from Mt Evelyn in the Mitzi on a beautiful Melbourne spring day and we arrived right on time at a few minutes after midday. The art of boatbuilding is still alive and being practised today at the Blunt boatshed and actual boats and other shipping artefacts including tools of every description, mooring ropes and likely-looking planks of wood are crammed in every nook and cranny. Given the fair state of the weather we might've contemplated playing outside, but as I prefer playing indoors anyway we set-up next to the front doors looking down the length of the boathouse. (pic 1)
With all that wood around the acoustics in the room are quite magical and only half the PA was required, but it still took more than the full hour allowed to set-up - we're out of practice obviously. Mind you, we were also plied with sushi and pies as we worked but managed to start the first of two sets at a respectable 1.10. We played for a solid hour before taking a break and taking in some more provisions, and then it was a race to the finish line with a stiff tail breeze. We finished with an extended version of Esmeralda with the revellers contributing in good voice and then were taken for a tour of Greg's pride and joy, the Clinker Boat club premises where the Demons were taking a beating from the Eagles before heading home. The Blunts and their friends and supporters are a lovely bunch of people and there was a lot of love in the room. Greg optimistically assured us he'll book us again for the next celebration in five years time.
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