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1) My hero, Rupert, sucks more milk 2) My heroine, Maria, on her birthday at TarraWarra
The home fires are burning
7.7.16 - Maria and I drove down to Collingwood the other day to catch up with Susie, India and Lord Rupert before they hightailed it westwards for the holidays. Rupert demonstrated his handy 'specs' which allow him to inspect his beverage of choice as it orbits his eyeballs on its way from the cup to his gob. (pic 1) Rupert also gave us a hand decorated thank-you card, which we appreciated.
Yesterday (Wednesday) was Maria's birthday (pic 2) and we'd arranged to tootle down to the TarraWarra restaurant near Healesville in the Yarra Valley for lunch, but first we had to deal with yet another plumbing issue at home. The timing was good though and despite the indifferent weather we had a lovely interlude in each other's company and as a bonus were treated to a visit from the Sellers' when we got home! Happy Birthday my darling girl.
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