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1) Spectrum having a jolly time at the St Andrews pub until.. (Roxy) 2) Keaton steals the show again (Newman)
gig report
Spectrum at the St Andrews pub Sun. 31.1.16
St Andrews lights up again
2.2.16 - Daryl said we'd got a mention on the Brian Wise show on Triple R the previous day, which may have accounted for the larger crowd than usual in attendance. Whatever the reason it was a welcome sight and the reception we got was very warm too, not to mention I ran out of stock of Warts Up Your Nose, the latest Aztec re-issue.
I had decided to do something positive about unnecessarily provoking my shattered right ear and had brought along a Behringer monitor wedge to try - I'd used it the previous night at Jeff's party with some success - which was successful and had a positive effect on the overall sound. I've made a point of not using fold-back for years now, but failing hearing has changed my tune.
I'd also brought up some MXR graphics to try out with the Strat and the Kelly (guitars) but I didn't have batteries (!) and so will have to try them out ast the next Spectrum gig.
Whenever that is. I can tell you that the next St Andrews gig isn't until June 26th. See you then.

3) The rhythm section in full flight (Newman) 4) Chris, Roxanne, Cody (NT), Mike, Brian Pieper and David (Chloe)

1) Jeff Maher was worth his weight as a sole audient 2) Maria snaps Mike's blues
gig report
Mike at Jeff's 60th Sat. 30.1.16
At the bar at Jeff's 60th
1.2.16 -
I've known Jeff Maher (pic 1) for a few years now and was chuffed when he decided to add me to the menu at his 60th birthday bash on Saturday night. Although some of the guests knew what I was up to I chose to serenade the crowd from the bar next to the eskies (pic 2) and reserve the a cappella version of I'll Be Gone till the speeches. Went down a storm too..

1) Gil Matthews was MC 2) My Crudd and Morris Nylon (Roxanne)  
gig report
Mike at The Basement Discs Warts launch 22.1.16
My Crudd - Warts and all
22.1.16 -
I took the train into town, which saved anxiety on finding a parking space and sauntered in to The Basement Discs with plenty of time to spare. Oscar, the resident sound man, had me set up in no time so I had a chat to Gary Havrillay and Rob Rowe amongst others before being introduced by Gil Matthews (pic 1) and getting started.
With it being the launch of the Warts Up Your Nose re-issue CD I'd made sure to have at least three songs from the album on the list - the audience was very attentive and enthusiatic.

1) The rhythm section wonders where Mike has gone 2) Chloe, Roxanne, Brian Pieper and Mike go monochrome
gig report
Spectrum trio at the Eltham pub NYE 31.12.15
The Eltham New Year's Eve party goes on - and on..
1.1.16 -
Yes, it was hot when we arrived at the Eltham pub, but the dining room was slightly cooler than the carpark and so we placed our orders for meals and then Broc and I ducked out for the load-in until the meals arrived. Broc and I also synchronistically plumped for the Seniors' battered or grilled fish & chips which was half the price of the regular fish & chips - and when it arrived we discovered why. It was half the size! 'Not even big enough for a junior' Broc quipped as his sliver of fish was wafted off his plate by the draft from the air con.
The stage was a problem again this year. Robbo doesn't like rostrums at the best of times but only the drums fitted on the stage provided so he was stuck with it. At least he got some lights. (pic 1)
A more embarrassing problem was that the pub was still using our publicity from three years ago, prompting a gentleman to enquire from the audience, 'Where's Bill?'
I didn't know if he was joking or not so I left the inquiry unresolved and at the end of the night the chap concerned aplogised profusely telling me that he'd not heard the news.
We started playing shortly after 8.30. We were supposed to play three forty-five min. sets until 12.15, but there was so much dead air so we slotted in a Keaton drum solo and an extra set so the audience wouldn't get too bored.
I dunno. I don't imagine we'll be doing the same gig next NYE and that will be a relief. I swore off NYE gigs decades ago and I suspect that self-imposed embargo will be on again. Apart from reacquainting ourselves with some really nice people, some of whom have followed our adventures since the early '70s (pic 2) the unnecesssary length of the gig and of course the tedious load-out, just made me feel very, very tired. Let's hope the balance of 2016 has some more enlivening experiences to offer.
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