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Fluff and squeak..

1) Mike introduces Dancing at Midnight 2) Mike recalls all the squeaks of yesteryear
gig report
Thurs 25.6.`15 Spectrum at the 303 Bar Nortthcote
Nothing - then something - then nothing again..
26.6.15 - I'd become used to the unbroken predictability of life in the suburbs, so two musical events on the one day seemed to be rather an imposition. Thursday's Enza Memorial concert coincided with Spectrum's only scheduled gig of the month at the 303 Bar in Northcote but with the rather daunting prospect of performing in front of one's peers (as Jeff Joseph said, no pun intended, Ronnie). The degree of difficulty was inflated by having no rehearsal with the band before launching into a song I haven't performed for years, so I was even more apprehensive.
I needn't have worried - the band was impeccable and Janine Maunder's duetting was uncannily Enza-like, but I managed to fluff the first line anyway! It was a shame we had to leave the concert early because I really enjoyed the other acts on the bill, especially Joe Creighton, Lindsay Fields and Lisa Edwards' acapella version of Amazing Grace and Bob Valentine's Over The Rainbow excursion with his ukulele.
Maria and I thought we'd have time to spare but we only had time to get home and knock down a plate of Mushi-Mushi fried rice before I loaded up and we raced to Northcote for Daz's feature night on Gary Jones' B3 Hammond. Again I wasn't satisfied with the status quo and tried to incorporate a new pedal into the cocktail of pedals through which my guitars percolate and ran into trouble in the setting-up stage leaving me sweating with frustration.
While I was huffing and puffing on stage the crowd was building and the room was full to the brim by the time we started. Aside from the couple from Adelaide who claimed to have come over especially to see us, the Magnificent Half Dozen gals who comprise The Scallops arrived en masse with a birthday card to present and joy to share.
And then Spectrum was off with Daz at the helm of the B3, admittedly loose and tight in equal amounts, but the love in the room made up for the odd musical discrepancies. An encore was demanded and we obliged with I Just Wanna Make Love to You, which had Maria and The Scallops up on their feet - just like the old days!
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