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The inspired cover of the Wizards double CD
A new psychedelic release from Warner
27.3.15 -
With things being quiet on the gig front, CD releases of any sort, perhaps including a song by a band I was once in, become worthy of attention by default. Warner's David Laing got in touch recently with a press release announcing that 'After two years of extensive crate-digging and foraging, UK psychedelic DJ duo the Amorphous Androgynous return with the latest instalment in their award winning series A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble (Exploding in Your Mind) - The Wizards Of Oz.'
The band I was briefly in, Ross Wilson's Sons of the Vegetal Mother, qualified for inclusion with the Aleister Crowley inspired Wilson track Love is the Law on which I noodle away manfully without quite managing to destroy the mood.
A (tiny) piece of my heart..

1) Blackfeather (+ Daryl) Boppin' The Blues to an empty floor 2) Not quite empty - there's always Soozie Pinder
gig report
Thurs. 19 The Sam Andrew benefit Eddie's Bandroom Moorabbin
The ghost of Sam Andrew roamed unhindered..
20.3.15 -
There's no reason to assume the ghost of Sam Andrew was present, 'cause he didn't actually make it out for his projected Aussie tour in January - in fact, I don't know if he ever made it to these shores. If he had been present he might've wondered what Blackfeather and Spectrum were doing helping celebrate his life in the unlikely surrounds of a Moorabbin pool hall, apart from the fact we were both extant when Big Brother & The Holding Company helped propel Janis Joplin, like some hapless shrieking moth, into the public spotlight at the Monterey Festival .
I mentioned Monterey in the Going Home rave, but that was all the relevance I could muster. In any case the evening was really a vehicle for Pearl - The Janis Joplin Show to strut their stuff. It was an OK line-up and it was just a shame there wasn't more lead up time to muster the audience it deserved.
With a little help from my friends..

Glenn Shorrock and The Lazy Boys on stage at the Longbeach RSL on Sunday
gig report
Sun. 15. Wayne Higgins benefit Longbeach RSL
Solo stint on star-studded benefit show goes OK
17.3.15 - Two solo gigs on the one weekend, but the contrast between them couldn't have been more pronounced. This one was in support of Wayne Higgins, whom I personally don't know, but it attracted quite a wealth of entertainers and musicians including The Jennfer Lee Band (with old Music Junction mate Chris Smith on bass and vocals), Jetty Road, The She-Laas, and starring Glenn Shorrock and The Lazy Boys.
I had a twenty-minute spot early on in the piece and managed to acquit myself OK. This sounds odd, but up until the Wine Larder the night before, in my solo performances I'd only done versions I'll Be Gone without the harp and in keys other than the original, so it's still a bit experimental doing it in the original key and with the harp, but it seemed to work all right this time. I might try the JamMan pedal next time though.
I stayed around till the end and watched Glenn's set. He's sounding as good as ever and still has a winning way with the audience (pic) - and the band was very accomplished and reproduced the sounds from the Twilights through to the Little River Band with spot-on harmonies.
I took part in the show-closing rendition of With a Little Help From My Friends, which was again spot-on from the band. A very well presented show and good value for the punters who filled the room to support the cause.

Jenny gets some old vinyl signed
gig report
Sat. 14. Wine Larder Brighton
Mike survives a brain explosion
15.3.15 -
I was undeniably tense, but I don't know if that explains why I arrived in good time at the Wine Larder in Brighton on Saturday evening only to discover I'd left my microphone at home! What was I thinking? I had no choice but to go home and retrieve it which meant I started half-an-hour later that the advertised time. I'm usually pedantically punctual, but my starting late, even thirty minutes late, didn't seem to phase anyone - in fact the crowd was extremely receptive and undiscriminatingly approved of everything I threw at them - even Confessions of a Psychopathic Cowpoke! (Well, there were a couple of girls I know who were squirming uncomfortably, but them's the breaks).
It might be just Brighton, but I got another tip - and from the same bloke too! Old vinyl was signed (pic) and everyone seemed happy, happy happy!

1) Mike tries to look confident 2) Bren and Soozie are winners!
A weekend of loner-liness..
13.3.15 - I forgot it was Friday the 13th today, but it was lucky for some. Like Brenden Mason and Soozie Pinder (pic 2) for instance, who were both sitting on our table at the Myeloma Business of Winning luncheon today at the MCG Dining Room. They both had lucky raffle tickets that paid off big time, with Bren winning the Sony TV set and Soozie the jewel-encrusted watch! Bren had just been saying that he never won anything too.
I've got a couple of solo gigs this weekend and, because solo gigs are few and far between, I actually have to practise the repertoire.. Bother!
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