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Beyond the fridge..

1) The Bridgeway Hotel on Sunday was steaming hot 2) Mike and the chaps induulge in some serious groanin'

3) Matt Taylor gives me a man-hug after Black & Blue 4) Broc takes over Frank's bass for a bar (pics MacFarlane)
gig report
Fri.20.2.15 Semaphore Workers Club with Matt Taylor's ChainSat. 21.2.15 Spectrum at Lyndoch Hill Estate (arvo)
and Woodcroft Tavern with Matt Taylor's Chain Sun. 22.2.15 with Matt Taylor's Chain at the Bridgeway Hotel (arvo)

Spectrum too darn hot in Adelaide
25.2.15 - The drive home from Adelaide on Monday undid all the good work done on my hip and I've had to seek the help of (Dr) Stormin' Norman Gowers today and start the healing process all over again. We did toy with the idea of all flying over this time and hiring a backline but there were too many unknown variables so I opted to drive the van one more time..
This trip promised something of a bonus as we were slotted to play three of the four gigs over the weekend with Matt Taylor's SA version of Chain, (with the enigmatic Trevor 'Trapper' Draper on drums, the indefatigable Ewok Chris Finnen on an endless array of guitars and the affable man-mountain Frank Lang on bass guitar), broken up by a solitary full-metal Spectrum gig for SA Variety at the Lyndoch Hill Estate on the Saturday arvo. The temperatures remained at about 40 degrees all weekend, so you can assume it was hot and sticky for the entire time we were there.
The first show was at the Semaphore Workers Club and was jammed with happy supporters of both bands or perhaps simply the era. Whichever the case, everybody had a rip-roaring time and went home happy, including the bands.
The next morning we drove as far north as we dared before falling off the edge of the world and set up in the salubrious Barossa Chateau at the Lyndoch Hill Estate in preparation for a 2.00 start - before Kerry Philcox informed me the posters were advertising a 1.00 start. We did eventually grind into action at about 1.30 and nobody complained. It was good to have total control of our sound - the sound in the room was pretty nice too - and the opportunity to choose from the entire repertoire and by 5.00 we were tired and sweaty but satisfied.
Of course we then had to pack up and head to the deep southern suburbs of Adelaide to join Chain at the Woodcroft Tavern.- and we made it too with time to spare to open the evening's show. The tour concluded on Sunday arvo with a show at the Bridgeway Hotel in Pooraka - you can see some of the action in Stewart MacFarlane's pics.
I don't think I'm alone in thinking the combination of the two bands worked very well and I'd like to see it happen again - and sooner rather than later.

1) I don't know what I was singing - and I still don't (MG) 2) Rob MacKenzie has yet another theory
gig report
Sun. 15.2.15 Mike & Broc at the Elwood Food & Wine Bar

Mike & Broc at the Elwood Food & Wine Bar
16.2.15 - It was a steamy day yesterday but the crowd at the Elwood Food & Wine Bar was very receptive - not to mention sprinkled with celebrities. (pic 2) I was a little bit apprehensive as I'd done very little preparation for the third in the series of Mick & Broc's duo gigs - but I was reassured when Broc told me he'd done very little prep either. The negligible amplification imposes a certain singing approach but I quite enjoyed the challenge and it generally sounded more together than the last time we played.
After an encore Pete Newson rushed up with a request from Ken Murdoch and his wife Vicki for a solo version of Kneedeep from the Living on a Volcano album. I managed to stumble through a couple of verses before giving up - and even that brought the house down! I'll let you know when we're back there.

The Spiegeltent (or Salon Elegance) sweats in Wonderland
Doc White's Hokum at Wonderland
8.2.15 - Remember the original Spiegeltent camped outside the Arts Centre? This aint it. This version (pic) is hidden between the dodgems and the roundabout next to the observation wheel in Wonderland, the Docklands' 'entertainment precinct'.
Anyway, this Spiegeltent still has plenty of atmosphere to compensate for its dodgy wiring and cluttered sightlines and Doc White's outfit made the most of it with the addition of sax (and clarinet) meister Paul Williamson to the band's lineup and an actual stage director to oversee the re-imagined narrative. The sound was clean and the dancing was dirty and everyone had a very warm evening's entertainment
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