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The trio struts its stuff to an attentive Lomond audience on Saturday night
gig report
Sat. 24.1.15 Spectrum trio at The Lomond Hotel
Sun. 25.1.15 Mike & Broc at Hardimans
First Lomond gig of 2015
26.1.15 -
OK - Happy Australia Day everybody! This big, brown land offered us yet another gig at the Lomond Hotel on Saturday night and Maria and I joined Broc and Kathleen beforehand to have a a meal in the bistro, which was nice except that Broc and I had to pop out every few minutes to attend to the business of setting up
Anyway, the important thing was that it was good to be back at The Lomond
with an attentive and very responsive crowd on hand and there were some lovely musical moments to savour. (Mind you, I think the 12.30 finish is getting a bit late for both us and our audience - I wonder if I should have a chat to James and see if we can make it a bit ealrlier?)
Broc and I struggled to find the energy the next day at Hardimans in Kensington (not Flemington, Mike!) where they're experimenting with putting music on al fresco on a Sunday arvo. Perhaps Australia Day weekend wasn't the best choice for our inaugural gig as there was only a small group in attendance, but they seemed to enjoy the music - and the chat. Anyway, Broc and I have another duo gig under our belts - and it's sounding more comfortable each time. (pic MG) See clip of Going Home filmed by Peter Carolan on the night

Di's 60th cake that Kelly made
gig report
Sat. 17.1.15 Spectrum trio at Di's 60th Sun. 18.1.15 The trio at the Gerogery pub
Interstate trip a cake-walk
19.1.15 -
It seems that in 2015 it's the trio all the way as Broc, Robbo and I boarded the good ship Mitzy at midday on Saturday and charged off to the northern Victorian village of Waaia (pron. Way-eye) to play party boys at Di Calder's 60th. Ray and Di kindly invited us to the barbie beforehand (just two doors away from the pub) before everybody trooped down to the pub for the official party. It was an oddly compelling evening, with an 18th birthday sharing the same room (and entertainment), which gifthorse they eventually looked in the mouth leaving their elders to survey their memories in peace.
The next morning we headed along the Murray to rejoin the Hume Hwy and slipped over the border for the second gig of the weekend at the throbbing metropolis of Gerogery. The four-piece played there last year on a Saturday night with a large crowd in attendance, but it was considerably quieter this
Sunday afternoon. In contrast to Melbourne the weather quite warm, if a little gusty, but we had four sets to complete before we could call it a day and to be honest it was quite hard going, with the modest crowd ebbing and flowing throughout the performance. Nevertheless, by time it came to draw stumps we even elicited some querulous calls for an encore - somebody actually demanded three encores - and the owner seemed happy enough, so we deemed the arvo a success. We might even be back one day..
gig report
Sat. 10.1.15 Spectrum trio at The Vesbar Wine Lounge
The trio's (almost) riotous New Year's opener
11.1.15 -
I'd been looking forward to this gig, not least because it means two trio gigs in a row, but also because Bev and Leigh make it the most Spectrum-friendly venue on the planet. A bunch of Vesbar Spectrumites had booked three tables and that was virtually the crowd until the second set whem a wave of fun-seeking locals flooded in, some who'd seen us before in other incarnations and others who had clearly never even heard of us. Anyway, everybody enjoyed us and themselves and we were compelled to play three encores before the crowd reluctantly allowed us to contemplate the necessary tedium of packing up and going home. 2015 could be Spectrum's year - hooray! (Maria's in Canberra so there are no pics this time)

Robbo actually enjoyed the impromptu drum-riser for a change
gig report
Wed. 31.12.14 NYE at the Eltham Hotel
Mike's New Year's Eve rethink
1.1.15 -
I'm not sure what it was that made me so readily accept last night's NYE gig at the Eltham Hotel. I've been resisting the prospect since the last time in wherever when I got a note from a dissatisfied punter offering to give me a blow-job if I'd play some Britney Spears. Anyway, right from the start everything was better than I could've hoped for, with an OK-sized crowd of Spectrumites on hand to enthusiastially lap it all up. Robbo had a night out - in fact, we all rocked. Eltham locals Greg Champion and Rotten Ronnie enjoyed the 'art' music. (pic MG)
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