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Mike wears the spotted shirt

gig report
Sat. 21.6.14 Vesbar Wine Lounge Somerville
A hard day's night.. not
22.6.14 - It wasn't an enormous crowd, but I soon realised by way of compensation that I knew nearly everybody in the room. It's good too that the Vesbar, an oasis of civilisation down in Somerville off the Peninsula Highway on the way to Portsea, is the most consistent of my solo venues and I can get a measure of how things are developing. So, I can report that things are going pretty well, that's if the audience reaction is anything to go by.
I elected not to add my latest toy to the mix, (a Roland VE-20 vocal processor) as I haven't had anough time to fiddle with it at home, but in any case the JamMan provided its usual quotient of hilarity. Maria was surprised by Excuse Me Just One Moment, even without the vomit track and I had fun telling some of the stories behind the songs. I'm looking forward to the next Spectrum gig at the Vesbar already.. (pic by Marg Sellers)


1) Maria has a hold of Keaton 2) The Ormond Hall stage from our seats before proceedings began
The music world farewells Jim Keays
23.6.14 - By some miracle we found a parking spot a couple of hundred metres from Ormond Hall and discovered the Robbos fuming quietly in the foyer (pic 1) having been refused entrance. Maria and I were ushered in without a fuss and so I pestered Ted Lethborg for some wristbands for the Robbos - and they were in!
It was a lovely 'service' and Jim's wife Karin (Kari) was particularly moving in her evocation of the Jim she knew and loved. Alan Howe presided and he, Glenn Wheatley, Russell Morris and Molly spoke affectionately about Jimbo, the musician and man. (Incidentally, Molly's mangled syntax has reached some sort of plateau where only practised Molly-watchers have a hope of interpreting what's being said -' I heard what you said, but I know what you mean' should go on his tombstone).
After the official ceremony there was the meet 'n' greet but I tend to get a bit panicky when confronted with all the beautiful people in the one room, so we only caught up with a few of them while sipping our cups of tea and then fled after giving our love and condolences to the widow Karin.
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