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Boss TV
30.9.04 - Ross Wilson has done it again! With his new (to me at least) outfit, the Ross Wilson Trio, he's recorded one of his Country & Wilson songs, Time Destroys As Well As Heals, on the streaming video music facility on The Age's website. It's a typically crafty Wilson song, aided by a nifty outfit, featuring Mondo's Eric McCusker on guitar.Check them out on
And don't miss Ross at the Sound Vault gig either..
If you haven't received one of these babies, you ain't going to the ball Cinderella!
29.9.04 -
Well, you might be, but you ain't getting in for free. This is the Sound Vault pass to get into the sound Vault Awards arvo on Sunday Oct. 17 as a guest of the band. Cute idea - but I've never been able to hold on to these slippery little buggers for a set, let alone a month! Just as well I haven't got any friends..
Mountain District Radio host 'GOB-smacked'

1) 3MDR's Janette Connell 2) Mike plays around with the camera while Bill drones on..
3MDR interview turns into GOB marathon
28.9.04 - Charming interviewer for 3MDR, Janette Connell (pic), didn't know what she was in for when she asked GOB (Grumpy Old Bastards) representatives, Mike and Bill, to say a couple of words about where they thought music was headed. She only planned to have them on air for thirty minutes, but they were still ranting and raving an hour later and had to be forcibly ejected from the studio.
Bill had the 'best pie in the mountains' after we left Emerald Hall, home of 3MDR, so I guess the day wasn't entirely wasted, gastronomically speaking.
Not just another Mike and Bill radio interview..
27.9.04 - Mike and Bill are racing up to 97.1FM (3MDR) in Emerald tomorrow (Tues. 28) to do an interview with Janette Connell on her show The Groove Is On at 2.00pm. We're taking our guitars, so this could get serious..
Reviewer flaunts her blatant bias for rock dinosaurs
27.9.04 - Alana Galea has a couple of reviews on the website already check 'em out but is constantly finding ways of getting herself in print. Now, you're obviously a nice girl, Alana - what are you doing being seen with this dodgy looking bunch of blokes?
As (Uncle) Mike is fond of saying, you're far too young to be his daughter..
And, from the home of fortified wines..

1) Chris Taylor and son Matt (!) with happy Bill 2) Andy, Robbo and Chris, who has the largest collection of Spectrum memorabilia in the north.

3) Pam made sure room 12 welcomed the boys back home 4) I remember that poster!
Grand night at the Shamrock
27.9.04 - September's been a quiet month, but Spectrum finished it up as they mean to start the next - rollin', rollin', rollin'. Rutherglen's one of our favourite places, and the Café Shamrock didn't let us down. The 'house full' sign was out as we pulled up and our hosts Karen and Gerard welcomed us like long lost relatives - Gerard provided us with an exquisite sample of the menu before we got under way.
Even the accommodation at the Motel Woongarra celebrated our being back with our special room (pics) featuring our signed poster from our last visit!
Next week Narooma..

The Herald Sun Fri. 24.9.04
Unique Chris Grosz posters
24.9.04 - Did I tell you that I'm collaborating with another Kiwi expatriate, Chris Grosz, on a project that will eventually be realised on film, about the wayward jacket of Pretty Things' drummer Viv Prince? Maybe not, but I was cruisin' the Net tonight and I came across the Off Beat Music poster page where I found some of the work that has made Chris a bit of an international legend, including this signed Bob Dylan tour poster (right) which is exclusive to Off Beat.
I'm doing some sessions with Chris on the Viv track we've written on his return from Queenstown in NZ, where he's been playing the blues in his other role as a bluesman.
I'll keep you postered..
Hot-shot publisher hides out in Surrey Hills
22.9.04 -
Gus McNeil (left) dragged himself down to Melbourne from his Blue Mountains retreat a couple of days ago and made himself known to me this morning. I immediately accepted his offer to buy me coffees and a blueberry muffin at a Maling Rd café, the haunt of trendy young mothers and off-spring and well-to-do Canterbury pensioners.
Gus and I chewed the fat for an hour or so before the over-consumption of coffee took its toll on my delicate metabolism and I had to rush home for a pressing engagement with the porcelain..
Clever Trevor
19.9.04 - I mentioned bumping into Trevor Courtney last week, and today I got an e-mail from him letting me know about some gigs he's got lined up in the next few weeks. I might even pop down myself!
Lyndsay Hammond, Trevor Courtney & Ron Peers are playing Smooth Grooves and Chilled Out Beats at the Spleen Bar 41 Bourke Street Melbourne (opposite the Metro) Thursdays from 7pm to 10pm for 4 weeks starting September 23rd through to October 14th.
What we did on our weekend off, part two ..
19.8.04 -
Management's eldest daughter, Tali, (pic left), celebrated her 18th birthday in style last night, with over a hundred guests in attendance, including the boys-at-a-loose-end from Spectrum. We weren't even booked to play, but I exacted my revenge by getting up and singing a couple of numbers with Alexander's ragtag band. It was good fun too, but the whole party was a hoot, and everyone left happy - even Dylan the dog got his own way in the end..

Sharp-eyed reader wins free T-shirt!
18.9.04 -
It's nice to know there are people out there actually reading this crap, even if it's only to tell me I got something wrong. I'm sending a No Thinking T-shirt to perennial carp Bryan Cropley, who writes: I couldn't help noticing in your speech the date when Milesago was produced. I know what you're up to Mike. Just trying to find out if any Spectrumophiles realised that classic ablum was produced in September 1971 rather than 1973.
The 'speech' Bryan's talking about was the one I gave at the opening of David Porter's Unreal Rock exhibition and is reproduced in this issue of the Bloody Newsletter in Mike's Pith & Wind.
I may as well make this official: in future, any errors reported to me on this site will be rewarded with a No Thinking T-shirt. I will be the sole judge of the merits or otherwise of the reported error. Go for it.

Margret RoadKnight, Jeannie Lewis and Judy Jacques in Concert
18.9.04 -
I get the odd communication from the statuesque Margret RoadKnight, and I know there are some of you who would leap at the chance of catching up with her and the other two gals on this once-in-a-lifetime bill, so here's the hype.. Check Margret's website for more stuff about this extraordinary Australian icon.

2 shows - Sunday OCT 10 & Monday OCT 11, 7pm
The FAMOUS SPIEGELTENT, Melbourne Arts Centre
$30/ $25
Since the early '60s these powerful singers have explored blues, jazz, gospel, theatre and world music, and so much more.
Surprisingly, despite decades in over-lapping fields, this will be the very first time the "trio con brio" women have actually shared a stage.
Margret had performed & recorded separately with both Jeannie and Judy, so she was keen to finally showcase a collaborative blend of solos, duets, and three-part harmonies with these friends and colleagues.
Audiences at their Famous Spiegeltent shows will sample stunning vocals & musical histories of three pioneers, with added textures from versatile accompanying musicians.
So.... herewith an invitation to experience the wit & wisdom, flair & soul that has sustained three long-time careers in Australia and around the globe!!!

Steam radio interview tonight
13.9.04 - Be listening between 9.00 and 9.30 tonight (Wed.) for an interview with Mike and Frank Davidson on A Different Shade of Blue 107.3 FM Albury/Wodonga.
Spectrum's night off
12.9.04 - What does a band do when there are no gigs? Party on, dude! The three thrill-seekers are seen here attending Michael 'Rocky' Granat's 46th birthday party, (pic), held at Cam's Lebanese restaurant in Carnegie. Michael is seen here with the lads, undoubtedly concocting an excruciating pun for the occasion.
(I spoke about it to Michael's niece, basketball superstar Ellen, and she told me it's a family trait. It didn't help..)
More historical shots of the Chants
10.9.04 - My Wellington contact and former Art School buddy, Warren Sellers, has come up with a couple more unique shots of the Chants. (See some of his others on the history page).
The pic on the left was taken at the Battle of the Bands, which the Chants won way back in 1960 something, and features Trevor Courtney belting the bejesus out of his kit.
Funnily enough, I ran into Trevor down in the Camberwell shopping strip today. His lady Lyndsay Hammond's play Red Dust Diva is about to be made into a movie, no less! enlargements
Market St Tavern gig Val-addiction
10.9.04 -
After 23 years running the Market St Tavern in Nunawading, Val Sparnaay (pic left) has decided to cut loose and book the acts she used to love so much in the '60s and '70s. Last night, Bill and I went down to the Tavern and had a bit of a reconnoitre - and a chat with Val. She knows her stuff, and she knows what she likes. If the prospect of pleasant surroundings, a slap-up two course meal and a perfect view of the band appeals, then this is the gig for you.
Fri. 8 Oct. Market St Tavern 2 – 6 Market St Nunawading dinner & show $45.00 pp 9877 4052 8.30 - 11.30 website
Daryl plays with Ariel in another life!
8.9.04 -
In the spirit of photos ancient and modern, Daryl has tendered a shot of himself playing with Ariel at the Croxton Park Hotel in the '70s! (That's Bill's amp just behind the be-capped Daz in case you didn't recognise it). Daz was playing with his band Bandit, who were supporting Ariel as they rotted at the Croc. So, we go back a long way, Daz and us.
Mike and Bill to the rescue!
7.9.04 -
I may have mentioned the text panels for David Porter's fab photo exhibition were a little inaccurate. Well, today Bill and I were invited by Rachel (pic), the Manningham Gallery co-ordinator, to help rectify the situation with the factual information - as we remember it.
Mission accomplished! There are some details that remain elusive, but the major faux pas have gone. Hooray!
Daryl dazzles at St Andrews
6.9.04 -
Just for fun we had Daryl tickling the ivories at the Dad's Day bash at the St Andrews pub yesterday. It was fun too, and I think another dimension was added to the normally sparse Spectrum-plays-St-Andrews line-up. 'Where's this all leading?' I hear you cry. To Corporate World of course - where the big bucks are, my darlings. It's only a matter of time before we get a horn section, a couple of spunky babes on bee vees and we never talk to you again.
Unreal Rock exhibition opening

1) Part of the in-crowd at the Manningham Gallery confront a separate reality

2) Rachel Juhasz who co-ordinated the exhibition and exhibitionists 3) Murph shows off his DVD

4) Harley Parker wonders whether to bring in his memorabilia 5) Robbo with Jessica Paige and mum Maid Marion

6) This bloke promised to write in and tell me his name 7) Bill wraps up some innocent bystanders

8) Carey proves to his boss he was there..
Freaky peeky show from Jacques L'Affrique
2.9.04 -
I think this show might provoke some of the other photographers around in the '60s and '70s to do likewise, but in the meantime, this is the show to arouse waves of nostalgia in viewers, particularly those who were around in Melbourne in the '70s. Mind you, there was plenty of discussion about the accuracy or otherwise of the inscriptions, and I think that should be remedied as a matter of urgency before some of the subjects sue for misrepresentation - or at least spelling their names incorrectly.
I made an introductory speech that I'll stick in the Bloody Newsletter, and Bill and I did a couple of numbers as promised. It was a very pleasant evening all told.
Unreal Rock is at the Manningham Gallery, 699 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster till Sept. 11. Hours: Tues.- Fri. 11.00-5.00 Sat. 2.00-5.00 entry is free
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