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1) Enza at the sound check 2) Me and Robbo on the Palms' stage playing the song for the umpteenth time
gig report
Sun. 25.5.14 Palms at Crown Myeloma Foundation Masters of Rock concert
Best yet Masters of Rock benefit concert
26.5.14 - This is the first Masters of Rock concert I've done without Bill Putt and I think even he would've been impressed with developments. For instance, the venue's been relocated from the rather downbeat Hi Fi Bar to the plush address of Palms at Crown, probably due to the good offices of Ted Lethborg who was instrumental in organising the Rock of Ages concerts there for Aztec Music in happier times. While I'm not a big fan of the Casino ambience in general, the Palms room has very comfortably appointed amphitheatre-like seating and the wonderful stage, sound and lighting is appreciated by the performers and audience alike..
Having Brian Nankervis as the emcee was a stroke of genius and gave the show the appearance of moving along smoothly, which was no mean feat given the number of acts.
Unfortunately we missed Enza Pantano (pic 1) and Ronnie Peers' opening spot (with Broc on bass) but I was lucky enough to hear them at the sound check earlier in the afternoon and Enza is still singing beautifully. I was very struck with Darren Percival's voice too - I hadn't seen him before - and all the other acts looked and sounded splendid.
Jim Keays and his band of mercenaries (including Ted Lethborg on bass) finished off the night and Jim even managed an encore, which despite obviously exhausting him thrilled the audience. Ted, Pina Civitarese and Steve Roach should be very proud of their efforts in putting together such a fine show and Spectrum would be only too pleased to be involved again next year.

1) Ben Rogers and the band take liberties with the instrumentals' catalogue 2) Bernd Rohrmann lights up metaphysically

3) Jimi Hocking and mando 4) Chris Pearson and T-shirt
gig report
Wed. 13.5.14 Mike at the Clifton Hill Hotel
Into the mild blue yonder..
14.5.14 -
There was as party going on in the back bar, but the Clifton Hill Hotel's front bar was even quieter than usual for Rodney Claringbould's Acoustic Sessions. Ben Rogers' Instrumental Asylum (pic 1) was trying to surprise with an eclectic mix of instrumentals when I spied Bernd Rohrmann (pic 2) and accepted the offer of a soda water. I took to the stage more or less on time and stumbled through my own singular selection before surrendering the stage to the irrepressible Jimi Hocking. (pic 3)
Then it was down to 3PBS to say a few words for the radiothon on Chris Pearson's (pic 4) show. Busy!

The world's most intimate gig made even more intimate with Daz and the Hammond
gig report
Sat. 3.5.14 Wild Thyme Café Warby
Spectrum at christening
4.5.14 -
It was cold and miserable when we arrived at the Wild Thyme Café last night, so it was quickly decided we should play indoors. Some cakes were needlessly sacrificed in the process of making the front window band-friendly and there were moments when it didn't look like having the full band set-up
was going to be physically
possible - but in the end we arrived at a workable compromise. (pic) None of my Warby buddies made it to the show so there was a very modest crowd in the room for the first set, which undoubtedly set the new owners' teeth on edge, but to their credit they recovered their optimism and booked another Spectrum date (for August) at the end of the night.
Daz had a much better time on the Hammond and the music was fun for us to play despite the confined circumstances - and the audience got more into it as the night progressed. Speaking of the audience, Mick brought his impeccably groomed Russian friend Svetlana to the Wild Thyme to have a gander at what's left of his fave 70s' band. She remained impassive throughout most of the night but then gushed superlatives (You guys are amazing, amazing, amazing!!) as we were packing up and chatted happily to Maria, who's actually visited Russia, about the Kirov Ballet and The Hermitage.

*Listen to a couple of tunes recorded by John Murnane at the end of the night at the Wild Thyme
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