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Daz is a picture of concentration as Spectrum plucks out another blues tune
gig report
Sat. 26th the trio at the Vesbar Sun. 27th Spectrum at the St Andrews pub
Spectrum oscillates mildly..
27.4.14 - The trio had a lovely night at The Vesbar in Somerville last night (see Beverly's iPhone video on FB) but it was hard yakka at St Andrews today as Daz wrestled with the intricacies of his new Hammond without the ameliorating influence of the Leslie as supplied at the 303 Bar on Thursday night.
Still, it wasn't bad by any means and it was very nice to hear some refinement in the organ dept. It can only get better..

1) Robbo sets up the Gretsch kit 2) The band in full flight with Capt. Roberts at the Hammond (Maree)
gig report
Thurs. 24.4.14 Spectrum at the 303 Bar Northcote
The Hammond Sessions at the 303 Bar
25.4.14 -
Anzac Day Eve - but there was no-one at the 303 Bar apart from the barman when I arrived. I suppose I've played the 303 two or three times over the years and the attendances have been uniformly disappointing so I was hoping this wasn't a sign of things to come, but happily there was an expectant atmosphere and standing room only by the time we'd set up. Daz has done this before with the Gringos, but now he has his very own version of a Hammond to flaunt with Spectrum the 303 Bar's Thursday night Hammond Sessions, where the guest keyboardist gets to use the 'house' Hammond and Leslie, seemed an appropriate move.
We'd done some work on Superbody, The Crab and Make Your Stash over the week in an effort to augment the Spectrum Ancient & More Ancient repertoire and our efforts, as flawed as they occasionally were, were obviously very much appreciated by the knowledgeable audience. From my personal perpective having the Hammond back at the epicentre of the Spectrum sound was a very welcome, if overdue development.
Perhaps most importantly, the evening's organiser, Gary Jones, was effusively enthusiatic and asked me if we'd like to do another Hammond Sessions night in about six months time. I reckon we will..

1) Jen Cloher at The Basement Discs on Saturday arvo 2) Robbo with Brian Pieper and a presenter friend from Inner FM
gig report
Sat. 19 Mike at the Basement Discs (arvo) and Spectrum at The Lomond Hotel
An energising Easter Saturday
21.4.14 - I decided to go into the city on the train rather than take the van and it was a good move - I arrived at The Block Arcade in plenty of time, pushing my way through the crowds waiting outside the Hopetoun Tea Rooms (what's that all about?) and descending into the depths of The Basement Discs to find Jen Cloher preparing to perform. I watched, well, listened to most of her set too, emerging from behind the infamous pillar at one point to take her pic, (pic 1) and thoroughly enjoyed her music. In one respect it depressed me though as I was flooded with feelings of redundancy, which is hardly the way you want to walk out onto a stage, even a tiny one with a big pillar directly in front of it. I made a mental note to add some new chords to my repertoire - Jen used a host of crafty chords in her thoughtfully conceived songs.
In the event there were plenty of people who stayed for my set who gave every indication they enjoyed it too, so I felt reasonably satisfied as I trained it home with a Basement Discs' showbag of goodies to prepare for an evening with Robbo and Broc at The Lomond Hotel.
The Lomond was very quiet when I arrived to set up, which I'd half-expected given it was an Easter weekend and quite chilly to boot. Thankfully it filled up as the evening progressed and ended up being a fun night, with Tony Hargreaves commandeering the piano for the blues' set. I'm usually exhausted by 12.30 but I felt quite energised and actually enjoyed the drunk-guy-wearing-a-kilt's potentially alarming confrontation with a reluctant cab driver as I left for home.
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