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Bill Putt razzes Glenn Lamb
Glenn Lamb's Disco Dilemma
15.1.14 - Glenn Lamb approached me at the Vesbar on Saturday night with an wad of photos he took of Ariel back in 1977. He scanned them for me and I've reprinted the one of Bill wearing his disco finest - check out the creases in his red pants.
Glenn sent a covering note which is reprinted in full on the Correspondence page. He writes: As promised, here are the photos I took of you and Ariel at Dallas Brooks Hall back in 1977. I borrowed my dad’s Voigtlander camera and snapped a few at the gig. ...I always thought that they were taken at the farewell concert but in looking at the shots on the Aloha and More From Before LP’s this can’t be the case. Perhaps it was during the Goodnight Fiona album tour.
I can't remember the name of the show, but I seem to remember we had a legitimate Disco turntable jock as the support and so it was probably to promote the release of the Disco Dilemma single a few months before Ariel's final Island Fantasia concert at the same venue in August of '77.

Somerville - or Boganville?

1) The refined element in the Vesbar audience puts on a brave face - Neil Clark, Maria, Marg and Wazz Sellers

2) Broc blends in with the wallpaper 3) Mike goes apeshit to the approval of the Vesbar's Beverly Fraser (Wazz)
gig report
Sat. 11.1.14 Vesbar Wine Lounge Somerville
Spectrum 'lowers the tone' at the Vesbar!
12.1.14 -
Marg Sellers (pic 1) sent me a text after the Vesbar show. A first? Spectrum lowers the tone of Somerville? This was a reference to the behaviour of a small but unendearing section of the audience in the intimate surrounds of the Vesbar Wine Lounge to which I was largely oblivious throughout the evening and which in fact I was mentally congratulating for actually getting up and dancing at the pointy end of the night. Admittedly, I was taken aback when Broc was gratuitously groped by a middle-aged woman in the middle of the second set and again later when a young man suffering from protracted adolescence and severe bum-crackitis came out after the show and actually humped my leg as I chatted with Beverly and Broc in the cool late night air.
Thankfully, as I said, I was largely oblivious to this group's bogan antics and devoted my attention to the majority of people in the room who were either familiar with our current oeuvre or who were renewing the acquaintance after a long to very-long absence. I used the Kelly guitar (pic 3) as previously threatened for the entire third set and mostly felt pretty comfortable with it too. See you when I'm back from NZ in February!

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