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Ruddy interview tonight
31.8.04 - Ron Govett has reminded me that a phone interview I did with 3SER's John Broughton a week or so back is being broadcast tonight on John's Retrospectives program between 10.00 - 12.00. You can find 3SER on 97.7FM - check John's page on the SER website for some happy snaps of John and us.
Oh no! Not again!
28.8.04 - Sharp-eyed reader Gerald McNamara spotted the accompanying pic in the Wayne 'Swampy' Jarvis estate which comes up for auction tomorrow (Sun. 29 August). We last came across Swampy on the LWTTT tour a couple of years ago, and he was apparently an avid collector of memorabilia as well as one of the industry's gentlemen.
For more info about Swampy and the auction, check the Paul Cashmere story in Undercover. Swampy's full collection can be viewed online at
Bill Dettmer to review No Thinking on Channel 31
27.8.04 - I was just speaking to Bill Dettmer and he was saying that he's planning to review the afore-mentioned CD on Channel 31's Russ Kellett's Melbourne next Wednesday night (Sept. 1) at 11.30. After a couple of years of not being involved with the Frankston Guitar Festival, Bill's taking over the reins again for next year, as well as planning a bigger and better Mornington Swing 'n' Blues Affaire. I don't know how he fits all this stuff in - it makes me tired just thinking about it all.
I almost forgot!
23.8.04 - Bill and I are playing a couple of tunes on Wed. Sept. 1 from 6.00 -8.00 at the Manningham Gallery, 699 Doncaster Rd in Doncaster to help open the David Porter photographic exhibition, Unreal Rock, that's running there through to September. That's Ross Hannaford on the invitation, in case you didn't recognise him. I'm going to be saying a couple of words about the era as well. If you're interested - and you should be - you can ring the gallery on 9840 9367 or email them at: Gallery hours are Tues.- Fri. 11.00-5.00 and Sat. 2.00-5.00.
Garden party
22.8.04 - The Meteorological Bureau promised showers later in the day, but we decided to play outside anyway. The occasion was John Oliver's (pic left) 50th birthday (actually a month ago) and house-warming celebration, and a large crowd of party-goers turned up (pic below).
The rain held off till the last eight bars of the very last song - and then it caused quite some pandemonium. The band would like to thank those who helped take the gear out of the rain (and hail) and prevented any serious damage. (If you'd like Spectrum at your party, call Jenny on 0419 842 312)
Ariel at Capers
18.8.04 - It's been a busy couple o' days. Jeff Turnbull sent the accompanying shot of Ariel launching the Jellabad Mutant CD at Capers in 2002.
Jeff's putting a book together about the '70s in Melbourne (it's the thing to do) and is looking for photos and stories about the era - Berties, Sebastians, the Tum etc. - although they do say if you can remember it you weren't really there.
If you have either commodity, get in touch with Jeff (Bill and I are helping out with some reminiscing).
You can get in touch with Jeff at:

Tony Francis - The Warrnambool Standard 22.7.04
Thredbo revisited
18.8.04 -
I've just received these shots taken at Thredbo by Tony Jaggers from 107.5 2EAR FM. Tony's radio show, called Mojos and Jellyrolls, is broadcast every Wednesday night from 6.00 - 8.30, and as we're going to be up in Narooma in October, I've sent him a copy of the new CD. According to the website, Tony is a singer and guitarist, and originally joined Eurobodalla Radio in 1989 as a newsreader! As well as hosting the Mojos & Jellyrolls, Tony exhibits as a successful woodturner, and is a keen reviewer and photographer of music events right around NSW. (It's amazing what you learn on the Net).
Which brings me to the point - if you've got some great shots of Spectrum, new or old, send 'em in!

The Bard of Lincoln's sonnets discovered
18.8.04 -
Christchurch NZ. Kids fossicking around in the snow in Lincoln, a few kilometres out of Christchurch, have discovered some potentially valuable documents in a box, buried in a paddock near a tributary of the Avon River, which meanders through the Christchurch CBD.
The documents are yet to be authenticated, but are believed to be the work of Tony the Bard (pic left) and are the only surviving works from this prolific writer that have been discovered since his mysterious disappearance a few weeks ago.
It is believed that he had been diagnosed with a rare medical condition (ossified rectumitis), and had just heard that the problem had been apparently completely cured after several visits to a clinic in Governors Bay run by a native American emigré reputed to be the great-great grandson of the legendary Chief Crazy Horse.
One of the Bard's supposed works have been loaned to this site. check it out

Bits and Pieces item shattered
18.8.04 - In news just to hand, Gerry Hale has contacted this column to report that he won't be appearing on the Panel tonight after all. As soon as I hear anything else about this vexed appearance, I'll let you know.
Bits and Pieces
17.8.04 - You'll have noticed that Issue #10 of the Bloody Newsletter is up - truncated still, as we're waiting on the other two's contributions, and a Dealer of the Month article from me.
I get the odd notice from friends in the business of upcoming events that they're happily involved in, and I'm generally happy to reprint them, even as I choke back the tears of resentment and frustration. Here's something for instance: Gerry Hale will be appearing live with Deborah Conway on The Panel this Wednesday night on Channel 10.
This prompted me to add Gerry's site to the growing list of links you might be interested in looking at. Check the Links page to find Gerry's site, and the sites of some of the other fabulous people we know.

The Age - Sat.7.8.04

Daz debut at Ruby's
8.8.04 - Daryl Roberts (left) made the first of what should be many appearances with Spectrum at the gig last night at Ruby's in Belgrave - it was a fun night too. Daryl helped us out with a couple of tracks on the No Thinking CD, as well as at the launch of the same a few weeks back, and has the dual advantages of being pretty familiar with the Rudd/Putt output - thus reducing unnecessary rehearsal time - and a day gig.
He has a band of his own of course, Hey Gringo, on whose CD Bill and Mike have made cameo appearances, and Bill has sat in on lap-steel with the the Gringos a couple of times.

Historical hysteria
3.8.04 -
The e-mail I sent to Jim Colbert was still warm when his reply rattled back. Yes, his name certainly should resonate as we've met on quite a few occasions, and how about a couple of shots taken at the Tum (circa 1968 I'm guessing) of the Party Machine, with me playing six-string (count 'em) bass?
Bloody oath! And, who's that guy next to me? None other than Ross Hannaford, scarcely out of baby fat, wondering if it's safe to stand so close to this weirdo from NZ wearing the outrageous clobber - with bell-bottoms yet!
Thanks Jim! For the enlargement of this and the other shot Jim sent, just click on enlargements.
Tennis anyone?
Even more bloody history at Kooyong
3.8.04 -
Seen steaming in the crowd at Kooyong at the historic Stones concert in February 1973 were these two idiots dressed down in '70s flower power kitsch. They were snapped inadvertently by Harley Parker, who was just taking a crowd shot for the record, and who also took the shot of the Jagger/Richards duo in full flight.
The Camels - more lost history
2.8.04 - I had cause to dig up (almost literally) the reel-to-reel tape of the entire works of the little-known third Spectrum band, the Camels, recorded circa 1971. The Camels actually only recorded the one tune, written by Bruce Smeaton for Camel's cigarette ad campaign (!), but we made a big deal of it and supported the other two bands on a couple of occasions - including the Terminal Buzz concert apparently. There were posters made for the campaign featuring a pic of the Camels I seem to remember, but I don't have one. If you happen to have one, I'd be very grateful if you could send it to me for this website, or a reasonable jpeg. In the meantime, have a listen to the epic piece of music that was the Camels' magnum opus. listen

Lost pic of Lost Souls
1.8.04 -
I just received the latest copy of Foffle in the mail from its editor, Ian D. Marks. With it came a letter - and enclosed in the letter, in a re-sealable plastic bag, came the pic (left) of Bill, resplendent in his après ski gear, twanging it with his band the Lost Souls.
The pic was taken by one Jim Colbert, (I feel I should know that name), and apparently represents the tip of a Colbert '60s photographic iceberg. If you are intrigued and would like to check Jim's collection, you can contact him per e-mail at

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