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1) Jane and Peter Greagg came all the way down from Canberra 2) Capt. Carolyn Oates
gig report
Fri. 26.7.13 Burrinja Café Ranges Concert Lounge Upwey
The trio heads for the hills way up Upwey way..
27.7.13 - I can't remember the last time we played the Burrinja Café in Upwey, but I suspect it was round the turn of the century. Anyway, we'd all forgotten how small the stage was and Robbo rolled his eyes and lamented not bringing his smaller Gretsch kit. Not to worry, after a bit of negotiating with the 'house' PA team we found just enough room to set-up and by the time we'd done a basic sound check the room was almost full of hills-type patrons, most of whom we haven't seen since we were in Upwey the last time - whenever that was.
The personable Carolyn Oates (pic 2) was our surprise guest opening the show - a fine singer/player/songwriter and very well received, considering that most of the audience were old enough to be her parents.
Given the size of the room we felt constrained to stay at an intimate concert volume and it was worth the effort - the audience was enormously receptive and I think we did our part to keep them entertained.
I missed the kitsch crocodile that used to feature on the wall but it was good to catch up with our hills-people after all this time. Thanks for the suggestion AJ - we'll try not to be so long to get back to the Burrinja.

*There's a nice comment from an audient on the Correspondence page


I had my camera but forgot to take any pics (Bruegel detail)
gig report
Sun. 21.7.13 St Andrews pub
St Annies goes off big time!
22.7.13 -
I was surprised to see a huge crowd already in the room at the St Andrews pub when I arrived - it seems there was some sort of car club convention so there were interesting-looking cars taking up all the parking spaces. Still, it made a change from the usual dour cluster of bikies and they hung around for longer too.
We had heaps of Spectrumites buried in the enormous crowd and while I don't think I caught up with all of them I did chat with the Drs Sellers, Heather, Lyn, Lynne and Di from the Scallops, Peter Carolan's coterie of mature-age music enthusiasts and my FB pal Aaron Schembri. At the end of the day my fingers really hurt - but it was fun..

1) The room's buzzing at the Drovers Arms Hotel in Goornong as the very responsive audience takes a well-earned break
2) Local muso Jeff Noble 3) It was Ella's 8th birthday and she shared her birthday cake with the band
gig report
Sun. 14.7.13 Drovers Atrms Hotel Goornong
The trio's pleasant valley Sunday arvo in Goornong
15.7.13 - It's been three years since we were last in Goornong so I was pleasantly surprised when the Drovers Arms publican, Bernie Burke, got in touch recently and we set up yesterday's date. Word had obviously got around because there was a crowd already building up when we got there and Bernie told me later that Spectrum people had arrived in Gorrnong from all over the district.
We haven't played for a few weeks so we rather creaked into action, but we were helped by the audience being unusually attentive and responsive. Perhaps for that reason I was missing the keyboards more than usual but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. We chatted to lots of people during the breaks (pic 2) and signed albums - the Union St Blues Club mob from Bendigo asked to be mentioned in despatches.
After we'd loaded out we had a bite to eat - Goornong's a good two and a half hours out of town and it was blustery and raining so we needed to be alert for the drive home. There was one table left celebrating Ella's 8th birthday and Ella very kindly shared her chocolate birthday cake with us. (pic 3) Maybe this will get up in time for show and tell.. Anyway, thank you Ella, it was a lovely way to end to a welcome drought-busting gig.

1) Mez Hallowell enjoyed the show 2) Our generous host Beverly Fraser flanked by Maria and me
gig report
Sun. 7.7.13 Vesbar Wine Lounge Somerville
Idiosyncratic performance garners positive responses
8.7.13 - For 'idiosyncratic' read mistake-ridden, including a verse in Xavier Rudd that defeated me so comprehensively I just looked at the audience in bemused silence for a few moments before laughing my way into the chorus. But it was mostly fun and those who chose to listen, like Merryn Hallowell (pic 1) and her friends thoroughly enjoyed the music - and the potted histories that accompanied it. My tap-dance with the JamMan continued with mixed results, but generally an improvement on previous efforts.
After the show we retired to Tulsi, the sophisticated Indian restaurant almost next door and shared an exquisite meal (despite the menu being lamb-less), with Bev, Leigh, Rob and Gaye during which we consumed the gorgeous d'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz that the Drs Sellers had given me for my birthday.

Steve Williams and Co. give me a leg up at the Knox Club (Gravias)
Rudd tries a new band..
5.7.13 -
Well, not really. Bill and I went down to the Knox Club to celebrate the life and times of Rockin' Ron Glover, but Bill had already left when my manhood was challenged and I was shunted up on stage for a version of Baby Please Don't Go still dressed in my funeral weeds.
Steve Williams was handling the blues harp duties but they did ask me if I'd play guitar for a version of I'll Be Gone - until I reminded them there's no guitar in the original.
Anyway it was a bit of fun and I'm sure Ron would've appreciated the gesture. Earlier in the day Maria and I attended Ron's burial - see ASR
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