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1) Daz discovers the angst of being a promoter 2) Daz welcomes Heather and Maria to the gig
Station 59
30.6.13 -
If Daz hadn't brought the family and Heather (pic 2) hadn't shown up there would've been hardly anybody there, but Maria, Chris and I enjoyed Nelle May and Dean Haitani's set and then I played a couple of songs and two more with the band. pics on FB

A red surprise
28.6.13 -
A month or so back I did a harp session for Brian Cadd's new album and while Brian did ask for my postal address I thought no more about it - until last Wednesday that is when a very large parcel arrived at the PO for me. It turned out to be six of the very best from Brian in appreciation of my harp tootling efforts. Hooray!

1) Ted Lethborg didn't want his pic taken - again 2) Deb and Willy blame each other

3) Daz with Blackfeather wondering what's with the piano 4) Ross has a direct line to God
gig report
Thurs. 20.6.13 Myeloma benefit at the Hi Fi Bar
Spectrum Plays the Blues at the Masters of Rock concert

22.6.13 - We sound checked for the Myeloma Masters of Rock benefit concert last year (and the year before) so we decided not to this year. In the event we saved several tedious hours of hanging around, but as it turned out we could've arrived even later - the headline act, Ross Wilson and his band arrived as Blackfeather (or should that be Black Lake?) took the stage, which was about the time Spectrum had originally been scheduled to appear.
To be fair, up until the guitar auction the show had been running on time, largely due to the first half of the concert's acoustic guitar contingent. The crevatted James Reyne (and Tracy) had opened up proceedings with a neat acoustic set, despite James suffering from a debilitating chest complaint. James was in the middle of a sound check when Bill and I arrived and we had time for a brief chat - James cheerfully quoted a couple of Ariel riffs on his guitar, (Red Hot Momma and Jamaican Farewell), which I s'pose means he must've been in the audience at some of Ariel's gigs way back when.
James was followed by Ash Naylor, who played a few songs on his twelve-string, including a Masters Apprentices song - the unfortunate Master himself, Jim Keays was still recuperating from a radical stem cell infusion and was unable to attend. (We missed him and wish him a speedy recovery).
Deb Conway and Willy Zygier (pic 2) bravely persisted with a set of songs to which almost nobody paid attention before the time-consuming (but financially rewarding) guitar auction, then Blackfeather stepped up as the first rock ensemble of the night - they were rewarded with a rousing reception and had to be restrained from playing an encore.
Spectrum drifted onto stage and, once Ted Lethborg (pic 1) had mentioned some Quite Interesting Spectrum facts, delivered a laid-back blues set by way of a sampler for the upcoming blues Spectrum Plays the Blues CD - the only exception being the inevitable I'll Be Gone. As I stumbled off stage James Black remarked that I'd done a fair impression of Hound Dog Taylor - I must check him out to see if I should feel insulted.
Ross Wilson and his fellow professionals finally took the stage and proceeded to rock up the audience, who were by now busting for another chance to dance. If Ross (pic 4) was exasperated about the late start he didn't show it and the grooves were hit with consummate efficiency befitting a constantly touring band.
My car park turned into a pumpkin at midnight so we had to leave before the end of the RW and the Peaceniks set. Mind you, we were a bit tired too, but given the drought of Spectrum gigs lately we were also grateful for the chance to play anywhere, let alone for such a good cause and in such good company.


Braithwaite out, Ross Wilson in for Myeloma Benefit
10.6.13 - I got the following info the other day from concert organiser, Steve Roach
I wanted to let you know of a change with our Charity gig.
Due to changes beyond everyone’s control Daryl Braithwaite has had to pull out. As disappointing as that is, we are absolutely thrilled that Ross Wilson has volunteered himself and his band the fill the breach!
This is really exciting and we are looking forward to a great night.
Also I spoke with Jim yesterday and he wants to thank everyone and hopefully will be able to do so in person on the night. He is not too well and is undergoing major treatment today. Hopefully the outcome will be good and his recovery will be swift.


1) Josh and Sam Teskey sidle into their set 2) Mike and George do their best (Gravias)
gig report
Wed. 5.6.13 Mike at The Quiet Man
Mike at The Quiet Man
6.6.13 -
The last time I played The Quiet Man it was anything but quiet, but this time it was deathly quiet - once the State of Origin was switched off anyway. Ray Moon was late to arrive which gave me the opportunity to strike up a conversation with Josh and Sam Teskey, the two annoyingly talented Teskey
Bros, (pic 1) whose set finally got under way at about the time mine had been originally scheduled to start. I'd helpfully told them their career was about thirty years too late, but their take on soul-drenched blues had me groping for superlatives - God knows what they might've achieved had they actually been round in the '70s. I'm guessing superstars.
It sounds peculiar but I was a little disconcerted to find them watching me intently during my abbreviated set. I was a little skittish as a result but managed not to fall off my stool at least.
It was the official 20th anniversary of the inception of Rod Claringbould's Acoustic Sessions, but because the Clifton Hill Hotel is being refurbished and the bulk of the Sessions' history is there, the actual celebration will be delayed until some Wednesday in August - or whenever the refurbishments are completed.
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