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1) The Drs Sellers took the Link down to Somerville 2) A surprise appearance by Stephen May
gig report
Fri. 22.2.13 Vesbar Wine Lounge
Another warm one at the Vesbar
23.2.13 - We've had a run of warm days here in Victoria and we'll remember tham fondly or otherwise in the wintery bits I suppose. I arrived at the Vesbar Wine Lounge early - far too early really - but it gave me more than enough time to set up (with the added complication of the JamMan pedal) and enjoy an Indian feast with Bev and Leigh before launching into the first set.
I'm going to have to invest in a solo performance stool. The Vesbar's complimentary artist's stool is quite tall and I found it difficult to locate the new pedal, which led to a couple of inadvertent, shall we say, ejaculations. Having said that, it was a vast improvement on The Famous Blue Raincoat and I actually got warmly applauded for the recorder solo in Superbody and the harp solo in Confessions of a Psychopathic Cowpoke where I used the loop pedal to take the rhythm parts.
Lots of mistakes still and I'm going to experiment with the string gauge on George Martin again, but it was a forgiving crowd and Beverley and Leigh make me feel so welcome.. The next Vesbar is on Sunday the 24th of March. (arvo)
(Nice to get a bunch of real photos taken on the night by Peter Koryn, so I've published a couple below..)

3) There's a hint of Norman Rockwell in this shot by Peter Koryn 4) A hint too of early Spectrum in this shot.. (Koryn)

Mike looks like the CTATC with Jennie Juch and Diana Wolfe

gig report
Sat. 16.2.13 Lomond Hotel East Brunswick
The Lomond goes one or two better
17.2.13 -
By the time we started the first set, the room was absolutely chocker, so that was a good start. It was as warm as outside and the air con' restored some desperately needed energy, (I've been doing some casual days with Rackman helping set up a bridal fair), so for once I didn't complain about it blowing on me.
Resident stage manager-cum-pianist Tony joined us for a few tunes in the blues set after most of the crowd had drifted off home, which was a late night bonus. The retro-Spectrum set went down a treat, which augers well for the upcoming SA trip
1) Former Mike Rudd Quintet keyboardist Cres Crisp 2) Robbo's old neighbour and footy kickerer mate,Terry
gig report
Fri. 15.2.13 The Ivy Lounge Bar Olinda
Spectrum climbs The Ivy
- Admittedly not quite as busy as last time, but still a lovely night. I didn't know Cres Crisp (pic 1) was even in the room until we finished the last set and it was nice to catch up with him again. Ron Glover and Heather were there again, (waiting to be the only two in the audience) - and because they've seen us a few times they look forward to hearing some variation in the set-list - and there were a couple of wrinkles in our song choices last night. The pizzas were excellent again..

Maree and Dave put in an appearance at the Famous Blue Raincoat
gig report
Thurs. 14 2 13 The Famous Blue Raincoat Kingsville
Home (away from) alone at last
15.2.13 -
The first thing I noticed when I arrived last night at The Famous Blue Raincoat was that it had had a major makeover and looks, well, damn classy.
It was good to see Jude Ocean, Rob and Wendy Rowe, Terry and Phoebe as well as Dave and Maree (pic). I chose last night to debut my new JamMan loop-pedal - and I made a complete and utter hash of it. It did sort of work OK on Superbody and I was able to play the recorder solo for the first time in about forty years! A work in progress..

The Scallops, Maree, Di, Heather and Lyn with some stray blokes
gig report
Sun. 10.2.13 St Andrews Hotel
St Annies goes off a treat
11.2.13 -
A perfect day weatherwise and there was a sense of anticipation, in the band at least, for the first full Spectrum gig of the year. There was quite a reasonable crowd on hand too, including Barry Murnane, who made his usual request for Healthkick. I forgot the first verse, so Barry came up to the mic to prompt me. I felt better when he couldn't remember it either.
Almost everybody in the room was up dancing for the last set and Cameron declared it to be 'the best Sunday arvo of the year!' Read Kieron Lynch's thoughts on the Correspondence page
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