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1) Mike takes the blues to the crowd at the Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Jude) 2) Bill ruins the pic of Karyn and me
3) Keaton's first Spectrum gig was mega - even with ear muffs 4) Robbo has a chat with Shane, his teaching mate

gig report

Sun. 27.1.13 The Mornington Peninsula Brewery
Keaton's first Spectrum gig goes OK
29.1.13 - Sunday was a pleasant enough day weather-wise, so we were looking forward to another Pleasant Valley Sunday arvo at the Mornington Peninsula Brewery. The first point of interest was the recently opened Peninsula Link on the way there. It was OK too - mostly it was free, although I'm not sure if it saved us any time on this occasion.
We set up our gear and enjoyed some Brewery pizzas along the way and we could just as easily shared some BBQ food outside. (Jared said it's always a good day at the Brewery). I was trying out a couple of my new toys I'd lately acquired from eBay - a balanced vocal delay pedal and a Marshall Guv'nor for my guitar. As it turned out I ditched the Guv'nor after the first number, (always try before you buy), but the delay was effective and I enjoyed hearing my vocal tone sounding true, instead of thin and nasty through the old Boss guitar delay.
There was a big crowd in attendance and even if some of the younger crew didn't entirely 'get' the Spectrum stuff, everybody got off on the blues set. Keaton was flat-out unconscious by the end of the arvo but thought the band was 'awesome'. I had a beer with Karyn (pic 2) and her friend Francine at the end of the day and Karyn said she'd been following the band 'forever' and that she'd try to make it to the St Andrews gig. We're back at the Brewery on Sunday the 17th of March - hooray!.
gig report
Sat. 19.1.13 Wild Thyme Café Warburton
Second gig of the year goes even better..
20.1.13 - Perhaps unsurprisingly we experienced the same temperature drop phenomenon on the way up to Warburton as we had the previous night in Olinda, so I wasn't too thrilled initially that Alan Seppings decided to have the band play al fresco out the back of his Wild Thyme Café. I was somewhat mollified when I found that there were quite a number of tables with 'reserved' scrawled on them in chalk and already a fair sprinkling of patrons in place watching us load in and set up - and have a bite of Alan's tasty menu along the way.
Everything was in readiness for us to take the stage when I felt urgent stirrings in my nethers and had to retire to the toilets - where I found the blokes' toilet occupied and had to make a quick decision to use the girls'. It gave me the ammunition for an opening gambit once I did hit the stage, but it was a case of too much information for some of those who were still eating.
Undaunted we commenced the opening set and found the sound was surprisingly warm and tight, probably due to the casual corrugated iron roofing over the stage that prevented the sound dissipating totally unreflected into the clear evening skies.
It did get chillier as the evening went on and by about 11.00 we decided to call it a night. The crowd was buzzing and a good time was had by all. There were a number of our good friends in the house - Baz and Pam, Martyn Sullivan and Mark Rogers, (for whose birthday we're playing at the Wild Thyme in April), but I have no pictorial eveidence. I left my camera at home, so if any of you who were there took a reasonable pic, please send me a copy and I'll publish it.

Martyn Sullivan took this shot of us at the Wild Thyme Café and I published it..

Rockin' Ron Glover and Heather occupy the sofa at The Ivy
gig report
Fri. 18.1.13 The Ivy Lounge Bar Olinda
The trio's first gig of the year goes.. OK
19.1.13 -
It was surprisingly chilly up at Olinda, but we warmed up as we loaded in - and as an audience began to accumulate. Sunday arvos are our preference and I wasn't too sure how a Friday night was going to go. Rockin' Ron's (pic) gloomy tales of previous Fridays at The Ivy didn't help, but as it turned out it was quite an acceptable turn-out.
The restaurant was busy so our pizzas arrived late. I gobbled a few mouthfuls of my very tasty capricciosa and took it home after the show
We were a bit rusty, but some songs went very well and balanced the odd blemish..

1) Emma survived an audio explosion 2) Mike and George fight the good fight at the Whispering Hills Winery
3) Jude and Marg cheerfully front-up for another pic 4) Mike chews the skinless sausage with his roadcrew, Chris Kay
gig report
Fri. 11.1.13 Whispering Huills Winery Seville
Second consecutive 'ville' gig for 2013
12.1.13 - It was still stinking hot on the way to the Whispering Hills Winery, but I was reassured that a cool change was on the way - and indeed, by the time my support act Emma (pic 1) had started to play it was a very pleasant temperature with a cool breeze wafting through the room. I'd offered Emma the use of my PA, which she might've regretted when a bad contact with my guitar lead suddenly took off in an unnerving audio explosion that everybody could've done without. But overall the night went very well, and it was a full (and chatty) room, so owners Murray and Marie were cheerfully run of their feet all night. On a personal note I got up the nerve to play OMG, only its second airing since the Earthquake Relief Concert, and generally got more of an idea of where I should be heading with the repertoire. Murray's confidence was such that he suggested a duo gig could be next in the offing.
A hot, hot day..

1) Vesbar owner and birthday girl Beverly Fraser and happy Mike 2) Maria and her new friend, Frankston girl, Martine

3) Vesbar resident artist, Steve Romig 4) Long-time Spectrum fan Scott Spencer aims a big smooch my way

5) I had a really nice chat with Annie and Trevor after the show
gig report
Fri. 4.1.13 Vesbar Wine Lounge Somerville
First gig of the year meltdown..
5.1.13 - As we all know it was uncomfortably hot in Melbourne last night, but fortunately the temperature in the Vesbar Wine Lounge was just right. I've not been to Somerville before so Maria and I got there a couple of hours early, which meant we had plenty of time to enjoy an Indian meal with our hosts, Beverly Fraser (pic 1) and her partner Lee, who only took over running the Vesbar three months ago. I'm not usually a candidate for Indian food, but Bev and
Leigh ordered only lightly spiced for us and it turned out to be the best Indian meal I've had - ever.
By this time I was getting impatient to get playing, but the Sellers' still hadn't shown up so I waited for them to arrive before I started the first set - still a few minutes early - and the room had filled up nicely by then.
I'm still learning what works best as a solo performer and I think the first set can stand some work, but the second set seemed to go pretty well, especially when the birthday cake came out and we all launched into a rousing version of Happy Birthday for Beverly. Lots of people came up after I'd finished and said how much they'd enjoyed the show and there was a good vibe in the room all night, so I'm looking forward to doing another gig there soon..
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