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The Famous Blue Raincoat in the previously unheard of Kingsville South with the Drs Sellers and Jude Ocean to the fore
gig report
Thurs. 25.10.12 The Famous Blue Raincoat
Mike's solo stint goes surprisingly well
26.10.12 -
I was strangely calm about the prospect of my first solo gig for months. I'd made up my mind to keep my hand in re' the repertoire after my last solo effort and that must've helped, because it was just a matter of brushing up in the couple of days I had available to prepare.
The seaside suburb of Kingsville (next to Williamstown) had hitherto escaped my attention, so that was a minor revelation to begin the evening. I shared tapas with the Sellers' and then retreated to my my purple stool in the corner and and resumed my spasmodic acquaintance with Gorgeous George. I kept up a steady level of chat throughout the two sets, which caught some by surprise but which I think most found endearing. For instance, I know James, the FBR owner, was favourably struck (almost to the point of hyperventilating) by my preamble on The Beatles when I was about to launch into my only cover, She's a Woman.
I made a few minor guitar blemishes over the night, but all in all it was the most encouraging solo effort to date. All I have to do now is keep the momentum going with a series of solo gigs.

1) The Greaggs met Bill and me at Gus' for brekkie 2) Let's Create's Gaye Reid at the National Press Club gig

3) We supported Ralph Clapton at the HOG Rally 4) A very pleasant Sunday arvo at the Brassey in Barton
gig report
Thurs. 18 National Press Club Fri. 19 HOG Rally at the Canberra Racecourse
Sat. 20 Baywaters Resort Batemans Bay Sun. 21The Brassey

A mixed bag of lollies in Canberra and beyond
23.10.12 - We'd forgotten how difficult the National Press Club is to play. They've gone apeshit with the noise insulation, so it doesn't matter how loud you play, the sound refuses to congeal. Nevertheless, we gritted our teeth and persisted until elements of the crowd yacking round the bar eventually peeled off and assembled on the dance floor and jigged about determinedly - and then positively insisted we play a couple of encores. The load-out's special too.
The HOG* Rally gig at the Canberra Racecourse the following evening was on a wholly different scale. The room was enormous but so was the PA, and, even as a small-is-beautiful proponent, I had to concede the on-stage sound was the best I've ever experienced for volume and clarity. We were using their backline too and that was also of high quality. Almost embarrassing really, 'cause most of the crowd didn't even arrive in the room till we were half-way through our set and, apart from a dozen or so Spectrum stalwarts, nobody really knew who the hell we were.
Everybody had come to see Ralph (pic 3) and, of course, he didn't disappoint. We shared some Harvey James' reminiscences after sound check.
The next day we decamped to Batemans Bay and had a lovely lunch of fish 'n' chips on the water before setting up at the Baywaters Resort, which felt uncannily like a set from a '70s sitcom. It sounded nice though and we enjoyed ourselves, despite half the prospective audience having elected to cancel out in favour of the jazz festival down the road.**
The last gig was at The Brassey** back in Canberra on the Sunday arvo. We discovered they weren't serving lunch so opted to pop down the road with the Greaggs (pic 1) to grab a burger. This took a little longer than we expected and by the time we got back a healthy crowd had gathered. (pic 4) Healthy and good-natured fortunately - everything came together for this last gig and it felt like the sort of Spectrum communion we used to enjoy on a regular basis in the dim distant.
Our agent, Gaye, (pic 2) did the best she could with us old hippies and we actually left town pretty contented with the way things went overall. What's next?

*HOG - Harley Owners' Group **See Tom Marsh and Andrew Purdam's thoughts on the Correspondence page

Maree, Heather and Lyn prove that St Andrews happened
gig report
Sun. 14.10.12 St Andrews Pub
St Andrews a blessed relief..
15.10.12 -
I must've been a bit tired when I uploaded the gig info to FaceBook and consequently forgot to make it public. Or maybe it was the blissful spring weather. Anyway, for whatever reason, the crowd was as bit light on yesterday, but they were mostly our good friends and very welcoming. It was a joy to stretch out and play more than just the two songs that Bill and I've been playing exclusively for the past couple of weeks on the LWTTT tour and, in my case, it was good to be playing the guitar again.
I think we would've liked another hour to stretch out further - but all good things must come to an end.. Next, Canberra!
LWTTT in pics

1) Mike shows Pam Cleary how the camera works 2) Bill's been having secret elocution lessons from Jo Shorrock

3) Glen Shorrock and Glenn A. Baker get too close 4) Billy Thorpe's daughter Lauren at the Sydney signing

5) Natasha Marich visited us at the Pier One 6) My publisher, Gus McNeil, does breakfast
The Long Way to the Top picture show
29.10.12 -
Well, I'm not going to attempt a blow by blow account of the recent LWTTT tour. I have added some of the larger and more poignant LWTTT pics to the Photos page, which has been suffering from lack of attention for far too long. The shots you see here are pretty self explanatory, with perhaps the exception of pic 5 which refers to a visit by our old friend Natasha Marich, who was working in her capacity as stage manager at the Opera House, just ten minutes walk away. The whole disposition of that area of Sydney is a stark reminder to Melburnians that we're deluding ourselves if we imagine Melbourne is a tourist destination. The Bridge and the Opera House, not to mention the Harbour itself, are simply iconic in global terms. There's nothing in Melbourne that even comes close.
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