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Upcoming gigs
- We're going to be doing Ruby's (pic) in Belgrave on Saturday Aug. 7th - we haven't played there for a while. I seem to remember the last time we played there I lost my voice and the crowd had to sing all of I'll Be Gone.. That being said, I'm glad we're getting back there. It's a fascinating space, not the least because of its history. They don't seem to have a presence on the Net, so I'll try and dig it up when we play there.
With any luck, we'll have Daryl Roberts playing with us on the night - we were very taken with his contribution at the launch and hope we can have him with us more often in future. (check the gig guide for more details)

1) Dave Steel was rock solid 2) Jimi Hocking and Bill stay awake for the camera
Train Trax launch at the Rainbow
28.7.04 -
Just what I needed after a day of wrestling with the bloody tax, another CD launch. This one was a first-time project by a bunch of students, (Mary, Adele and Simon), backed by the indefatigable Hugo T. Armstrong.
They're doing something right, 'cos we got our first royalty cheque already!!
Who's this in my backyard?
28.7.04 -
Actually, I'd forgotten I'd taken this shot. I was at the Trax bash at the Rainbow tonight, taking some shots of the celebs in attendance (as you do), when I discovered this hideous image lurking on my camera from a week or so back. Yes, you're right - it's that idol bloke, Mark Holden. Mark had been impressed with one of Bill's songs called Short Term Memory Loss Blues, and was rehearsing it with Bill and me when he got this urgent phone call which he took in my backyard.
The song was going to be recorded for his DVD special, which it was last week at the George Ballroom. It was great fun too, and there was a veritable who's who of Melbourne session musicians, sound recordists and film makers helping make it all look and sound bloody marvellous.
We caught up with a few old friends like Triple R's Gary Young, Mark's idle duo mate Ross Ryan, and Falcon Jeff Burstin, just to name three.

Ian 'Willie' Winter dies
15.7.04 - I received the following letter from Paul Culnane in Canberra last night. I think he speaks for a lot of us in the Australian music world.

It is my melancholy task to inform you that Ian "Willie" Winter passed away at noon today (Wednesday 14/7/04), following a serious illness brought about by cancer and attendant medical complications.
Ian's partner Nin has asked his friend Barry McCulloch and myself to try to notify as many of his friends as possible of this sad news. We would ask that you please pass it on to whoever you know that Willie knew.
Nin told me that Willie left us without suffering major pain, gratified by all the support and love you folks showed to him in various ways during his final days.

The funeral will be held on this Tuesday, (July 20th), commencing at 2.00pm at the Crick Chapel, Fawkner Crematorium, Sydney Road, Fawkner. (Funeral directors: Bell's Funerals, Melbourne 1800 802 345)
It goes without saying that we have lost a man who epitomised the oft-misused term "gentleman". I suggest we should celebrate his life, and to that end I humbly attach a photo I took of him, circa 1980. A beautiful guy, pouring out his beautiful soul on a beautiful guitar. That's the image I'll carry around with me anyway.
Pray in your own way for the repose of his soul.
Thank you
Paul Culnane
The No Thinking launch through the eyes of Peter Havery

1) Enza communes with God while Bill and Mike look for 'one'..

2) Pip flauts with the audience On Broadway 3) Mike has his own divine moment

4) Robbo talks to his congas 5) See Mike jump! See Mike's pants fall down..

6) See Mike slide! 7) The audience laughs to see such fun
The man behind the shots
14.7.04 - We're fortunate to have such a talented friend that remembered to bring his camera (at the last moment!) on the night. Peter Havery took the famous shot of Spectrum that has survived as the band's publicity shot since the last century. If you have a (paying) project that you think might interest Pete, you can contact him on

David Porter on 774 tonight
13.7.04 - David Porter will be chatting to Derek Guille on ABC 774 tonight (Tuesday) at 8.30 about his forthcoming Unreal Rock photo exhibition at the Manningham Gallery opening on Wednesday Sept. 1 from 6.00 - 8.00pm. David's asked me to say a few words to open the show, and Bill and I will play a couple of songs to set the mood. (You can see some examples of David's work by going here and there..)

Mike and Bill on the Coodabeens this Sunday evening
12.7.04 -
The legendary Coodabeens are hosting the Rudd/Putt drone-on-endlessly comedy act this coming Sunday evening at 8.00 - 9.00ish on your local ABC. Get ready for more completely unbelievable stories from the inventive brain of Putt and incessant carping from yours truly. (Actually, we'd better be on our toes - these guys were there...)
Speaking of Mike and Bill, (aren't we always?), pop down to the Clifton Hill Hotel this Wednesday night and catch them as a bumbling sort-of acoustic duo in the front bar at about 10.00.

The Coodabeens - Champs, Covey, Si & Richo
No Thinking launch goes off!

1) Bill hugs Enza with my rels, Sue, Geoff and Kath 2) Another rel, my nephew Matt, did the lights

3) Pete Dacy strkes the pose with conga girl Jenny and door bitch Tali 4) Guest artists Pip and Daryl enjoy the night

5) A former harp student of mine, Malcolm Ebb and family 6) The Pump proves he still has the magic!
Cabana scandal mars CD launch
12.7.04 - It had to happen I guess - a typical no thinking incident almost spoiled the launch of the CD of the same name. Well, how was I supposed to know? I'm just a bloke. When I'm told to put stuff in the freezer, that's what I do. What Jenny meant was to put just the frozen stuff in the freezer, not the cheese and the cabana. As a result, the cabana sticks were more like lethal weapons than nibbly bits and were unable to join the rest of the No Thinking menu of potato chips, party pies, franks and sausage rolls. (Don't you wish you were there?)
No matter though - there was a capacity crowd last night at the Prahran Club for the launch of the Spectrum Plays The Blues' No Thinking CD, and the atmosphere was pure magic. The usual spartan Spectrum line-up was augmented by the combined talents of Daryl Roberts on keyboards, Pip Robinson on flute, our own Jenny on congas and the ever-gorgeous Enza Pantano on vocals, and numbers such as Summertime and I Heard It Through The Grapevine sounded just like they do on the CD - maybe even better.
Daryl stayed on to play a few numbers impromptu, and then we stripped it back to the three-piece version of SPTB (that we're all bored to the tits with) to finish off the night.
It was a heart-warming evening, and if you were there, thanks - we appreciated your making the effort. We did try to talk to everyone, but Ross Ryan, Glyn Mason and Steve Romig just wouldn't shut up.
PS - I didn't get round to taking any shots till the very end, being ever-so-slightly preoccupied, so maybe some more will appear from other sources in the next few days.
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