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1) Bill Putt and Billy Pinnell at Triple R on Saturday 2) Tago - Bill sits with Peter Hood & Kath (waiting for Esmeralda)

3) Tago - Dr Wazz is seated with Leslie and Jude Ocean 4) Tago - Rocky and Mike make a scary looking couple

6) Ivy - Bill is accosted by his old flat-mate, Glenda Mumby 7) Brian Wise's mate Len and Janet at The Ivy

8) Neil Clarke and his talented daughter 9) Robbo with his mate Neil from The Stealers' days and Neil's wife Julie
gig report

Sat. 25.8.12 Tago Mago Thornbury Sun. 26.8.12 The Ivy Olinda
A tale of two cities - from Thornbury to Olinda
27.8.12 -
Bill and I popped down to Triple R on Saturday morning expecting to be met by David Laing from Warner, but it wasn't until after our spot on Brian Wise's show that David finally appeared. We had fun anyway and the Boogie! album got a good rave from Brian and Billy Pinnell. (pic 1) We played an even more laid back rendition of the B version than the Noise11 performance and it was mentioned favourably by some of the audience up at Olinda on Sunday.
I've mentioned the 'second-time syndrome' and, as this was our second gig at Tago Mago I'd decided against having any expectations to avoid disappointment, but in the end it was nearly a duplicate of the trio's first time there - except we didn't arrive quite as early. It's an unpromising looking room in some ways, being long and narrow and the stage the same, but for some reason it all works quite well. Still, I think a couple of minor adjustments to the room could be enormously beneficial. (We're perfect, of course).
We didn't play Esmeralda for Peter Hood (pic 1) despite his FB prompting. Rocky (pic 4) regaled me with stories of his trip to China and insists he wants to learn my version of Albatross..
Olinda qualifies as a city on the weekends by virtue of an influx of mostly Melbourne tourists, all warmly dressed in layers of black and demanding food - now! The Ivy caters for the ravenous hordes with an endless menu of very fine pizzas, (if the ones Robbo and I ate are anything to go by), then finds the time and energy to cater for the more select and sophisticated few that are seeking to be entertained with live music after the throngs have subsided and the chatter of birds in the surrounding forest can again be heard over the traffic.
The room they've allocated is quite tiny, but that suits us pretty well. People of the right looking vintage started sidling in as we were setting up and the crowd stayed engaged, verging on transfixed, for the rest of the afternoon. OK - so I actually lost my way in I'll Be Gone (!!!) much to everybody's amusement, but overall it was great fun and I must say that, for so many reasons, The Ivy's about my favourite sort of gig. (Talk about a broad demographic, Neil Clarke (pic 8) brought his daughter and his 94 year old mother!) Anyway, Annie behind the bar was hugely impressed and reckons we'll be booked back in no time.

Mike & Bill do some more Boogie! promos
22.8.12 - Bill's wrapped because Warners have come up with an interview/performance for us on his favourite show, Brian Wise's Off The Record on Triple R this coming Saturday morning (11.15-ish). In the meantime, check out Noise11 which has put up Bill and me chatting with Paul Cashmere and singing Esmeralda and the B version of I'll Be Gone. I'll let you know about the other shows.
BTW, I was wrong about there being no female performers on Boogie! There's Wendy Saddington and Renee Geyer. Two out of twenty-two ain't bad for the '70s..

The Willy gets another tug..

1) Tom Pederson launches his CD 2) Daryl's Hey Gringo plays with poppa Robbo and the great Gadsby

3) Mick and Mrs Mick Newman take the mickey out of Mike 4) Bill is acting reserved with Carmel Shane and Cam

5) I thought Bill got this bloke's name and he thought I got it 6) Dave and Maree won the raffle - must've been rigged!
gig report
Sun 19.8.12 Way Out West Williamstown RSL
Spectrum finds an audience way out west
20.8.12 - As I've made a point of mentioning, it's been a couple of years between drinks at the Willy RSL but we were made to feel very welcome as soon as we arrived. I hadn't been told that Robbo was playing drums for Daryl's band Hey Gringo, (pic 2) but in the event that made the set-up a whole lot easier. Suzette's boy Tom (pic 1) opened the arvo's proceedings with a generous solo set, which Suzette told me was to launch his new CD, and then Hey Gringo graunched into their set without so much as waiting for our host Rob Rowe's intro.
Rob's incapable of being miffed though and whisked me upstairs with his camera toting mate Bruce to the green room to conduct a filmed interview. I'll check out where it can be seen.
When it eventually came our turn to play, Bill's bass amp gave up the ghost, continuing a long tradition of equipment failures at this gig. Luckily he was able to use his Carlsbro in its stead, but it meant the bass was pretty transparent on my side of the stage. Nevetheless, Spectrum's two sets were pretty relaxed and everybody seemed to have a good time. Paul Murphy dragged out his historical Spectrum DVD to fill in the breaks to add to the atmosphere and our Altona mates, Dave and Maree, (pic 6) cracked it for the prize in the raffle.
Bill and I found it difficult to leave with all the backslapping that was going on - I was really quite touched when boxing identity Barry Michael shook my hand and seemed genuinely moved.
Maybe we won't leave it so long next time.

The Willy RSL (Way Out West) this Sunday
17.6.12 - And, while I've got your attention, don't miss Spectrum's appearance at the Willy RSL this coming Sunday arvo. Mick Newman tells me ruefully it's been a good two years since our last show there, so there must be a few out that side of town dying to see us. 2.00 – 5.00 arvo $20.00 or $15.00 members .
Mike and Bill do some radio for Boogie!
17.6.12 - Originally Phil Manning and Kevin Borich were to be involved, but now, (as of 10.00am), it's just Mike and Bill. David Laing at Warners has master-minded this collection, which includes songs from just about all the Oz artists of the '70s - with the exception of any girls by the looks of it. I've got a feeling that with three tracks, (from Spectrum, The Indelible Murtceps and Ariel), we might've made the biggest contribution.
Anyway, we're charging out, guitars in hand to do some promotion this arvo at Noise11 and the ABC, between 2.30 - 3.00 with James Valentine (NSW). I think there's a quiz involved, so things could get a bit messy..

1) The full complement of Trollops was there 2) The Trollops showered gifts for baby Keaton on poppa Robbo

3) Gabby and Darce were there with their friend Starlee Ford 4) Nice shot of me with the bro's-in-law, Syl and Geoff
gig report
Sun. 12.8.12 St Andrews pub
Normal transmission resumed at St Andrews
13.8.12 - There was a gratifyingly big crowd in for lunch when I arrived at the St Andrews pub and Cam, the pub's licensee, was a happy man and already looking forward to a big summer season. There was a full complement of Trollops in the house (pic 1) and although a substitute name hasn't been finalised, they seemed happy with Bill's suggestion of The Scallops. Anyway, whoever they are, it was good to see them all back on the same table, if not the same page.
It was good to combine with Daryl again too and, either the sound's been modified or I've become completely acclimatised, because it sounded very acceptable up on stage. We had a crack at Soul Man, which has been languishing in the wings since I can't remember when, but apart from that it was pretty much steady as she goes. The blues set got the dancers up and kept them on the floor and the arvo ended on a high. It all augers well for the Willy RSL gig next week.
Amongst the regulars in the room were my rel's, the McClatchys and the Cafarellas (pic 4) and new grandparents Gabby and Darce (pic 3) from Warbuton with their friend Starlee Ford - which reminds me we're overdue to play a gig up their way.

The Doctors Sellers pose in front of 1061 after pizzas
gig report
Sun. 5.8.12 Manhattan Hotel arvo
The 'Hat' works out OK
6.8.12 -
I'd got myself a little worked up about this gig as we haven't worked seriously for about six weeks now, but I needn't have worried - it all flooded back without too much effort. It's been a while since we last played the Manhattan too, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the acoustics were pretty friendly, (we ignored the enormous house PA and set up our own modest rig), and, blow me down, there were quite a few people in the room that had come to see us!
Russell Keil took some photos, (check them out on FaceBook) - which was just as well as I forgot to take any, although I did manage to snap the Sellers' after we had pizzas at 1061 (world's best pizzas) in Surrey Hills. We're back!
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