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1) Bill and Mike and two Bobs - Bob Starkie and Bob Spencer 2) Bill and my new FaceBook pal, Rosemary

3) Mike Brady was in good form, early on at least..
Bob Starkie's 60th bash
29.7.12 -
My mistake was arriving on time. Mind you, Bill and Rosemary were already there, but it took the next ninety minutes for the rest of the crowd to arrive and the band to get going, by which time I'd networked more than I'd anticipated and was starting to feel party-pooped.
The event was Bob 'Bongo' Starkie's 60th and the venue was the St Kilda Bowling Club. The canned music playing as I arrived was promising - Rolling Stones, (first album), Chuck Berry etc. and there was the odd person I could attach a name to and converse with - Mick Hamilton and Bob Spencer (pic 1) for starters, and later Mike Brady. (pic 3) If the contact I made in Kerry from the Sam Knott Hotel pays off, it was all good, despite leaving early.

John Williamson decked out in true blue clobber..
It's true, blue - I'll Be Gone was on RocKwiz
23.7.12 - It's nice to get good news in a slow month. I didn't see it go to air, but it was my neighbours who first alerted me to the fact that the song had been aired on RocKwiz, then I had some prompts from some happy, some alarmed Spectrumites per e-mail that it had been rendered by none other than John Williamson (pic) and the McClymont Sisters.
John did a fine version for the Salvos some years ago and allowed us to re-publish it for the Gonz compilation, sadly out of print now. I checked this latest peformance out on the RocKwiz site. Crikey! It's an adaptable song ain't it? John has a commendable crack at the harmonica line too. I find it impossible to play the harp and guitar simultaneously.

Little Robbo was born today in the Jessie McPherson

The Robbos have a baby boy!
20.7.12 -
I visited the Robbos at home yesterday evening to wish them good luck for today - and I got a text at 11.02 this morning to say that their little boy was born at 8.39am and weighed 3.49kg.
I just spoke to a very tired Robbo a few minutes ago and he couldn't confirm what name they're giving him, but he gave me permission to let you all know that Lisa and the baby are both happy and that the baby was sleeping..
'Enjoy it while you can,' I hear you cynics cry. All jokes aside though, it's close to a miracle birth and I'm sure you'll all join with us congratulating the Robbos. See big pic of Robbo and Keaton


1) Bill and Eric McCusker catch up 2) Mae Parker and band rock out an electric version of Little Tin Soldier

3) Wilbur Wilde arrives at the Rah Bar 4) Mike and Bill with the evening's host, Alex Formosa on drums
(Alana Galea)
gig report
Wed. 4.7.12 Mad Max Back on Track benefit Rah Bar Sth Yarra
Mike and Bill play Ariel - for a moment
5.7.12 -
Bill arrived at my place half an hour earlier than I was expecting, replete with pizzas. We ran through Rock & Roll Scars, which we haven't played for a while and drove down to where we thought the Rah Bar might be. We met Eric McCusker (pic 1) in the car park and he showed us the back way into the venue, which turns out to be quite an atmospheric room, quite reminiscent of Berties and Sebastians back in the '60s. I had an interesting conversation with Eric about a musical he's written about Ava Gardner's visit to Melbourne in the late '50s and I told him the cautionary tale of The Jellabad Mutant, Ariel's rock opera that's just gone up on CD Baby.
The room was always going to be 'difficult' response-wise with the number of musos there to perform, but by the time Bill and I got the call, (over an hour later than Alex had suggested), the audience was well ready to sing along with I'll Be Gone. Alex knows the Rock & Roll Scars album backwards, (which was just as well, 'cause I started to play that song backwards), and he even wore his Harvey James T-shirt as a tribute. It was a fun set, but it was over in a flash.
Bill has a long way to go home so we fled almost immediately, but it looked like the evening was a success and we can only hope that it had the desired result and helps Max get back on his feet.
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