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1) Bill and Mike with Quality Records' Mel Mays 2) Pete nattered with Bill at the PAVE Festival gig in Emerald

3) Michael Cristiano, Wendy Stapleton and Paul Norton strut their trio stuff
gig report
Quality Records Malvern and the 3MDR benefit Elevation Emerald
Sat. 21.4.12
One down, two up..
22.4.12 - I got a call this afternoon from the St Andrews pub. It was Michael Granat wondering where we were. I did my very best to let everybody know about the 'cancellation', which, as it turns out, was more a case of misadventure - and perhaps not surprising given the events of the past couple of months. Anyway, all is forgiven and we now have another date at St Andrews booked on Queen's Birthday weekend in June.
In the meantime, we had a couple of gigs to do on the Saturday, the first at 2.00 in the afternoon at Quality Records in Malvern. It was just Bill and me and it's a shop, so we were economical with the set-up. It's one of our favourite things to do these days - very quiet and relaxed with a sprinkling of people we know turning up to say hullo.
Then it was off to Emerald for the annual 3MDR PAVE Festival at the Elevation Restaurant & Bar. We got there just before the Wendy Stapleton trio went on for the opening set of the night. Sometimes the sound at Elevation can be a bit iffy, but they sounded crystal clear - Wendy asked me if the sound-check was OK as we went on. I'd decided to wing it set-wise and soon regretted not having a set list, but we struggled through it OK with an odd mixture of tunes. Half a dozen people got up to dance for I'll Be Gone - and then we were gone.
Robbo stayed on and said the Models Super Orchestra was a lot of fun - I couldn't imagine seven people on the stage and Robbo confirmed Andrew Duffield was actually playing out of mind, out of sight from the wings.
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