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Crap! Is this the end of life as we know it?
26.3.11 - I don't blame Ted (Lethborg) for not getting in touch really, but the first I heard of it was last week when my publisher, Gus McNeil, rang me saying he'd heard that Aztec Music had gone. Then Daryl (Roberts) rang me this afternoon to say that it was 'official' and I dug up the following announcement on the Tonedeaf site.

Melbourne Distributor/Label Aztec Music Goes Into Receivership

Written by Nicholas Jones on 21 March 2012
Another sad day for local music with news that Melbourne-based distributor Aztec Music has gone into receivership after nearly a decade of hard work and sleepless nights.
The company is popular for releasing a number of Australian hard-to-finds and classic local albums such as those by X, Died Pretty, The Master’s Apprentices, Tumbleweed, and of course The Aztecs
Ted Lethborg who started the company with Aztecs drummer Gil Matthews in 2004 broke the sad news to Mess+Noise late last night saying he has “put his heart and soul into the label”.
The company never recovered after the importing arm of the business lost $350,000 two years ago from distributors and music stores closing down, resulting in their bank withdrawing their financial lifeline. (read more)


1) A trio of happy Trollops, Di, Heather and Lyn 2) Mudmen's Tony Nirta was there too
gig report
St Andrews pub Sun. 18.3.12
St Andrews gig is good - plot thickens
19.3.12 - I'd persuaded myself to stop worrying and just accept whatever situation presented itself at the St Andrews pub, but after being introduced to Robyn and Cameron, the latest licensees, I'm still mystified at the goings-on there. (See the latest report in the Diamond Valley Leader) .
Not to worry though, they seemed a very nice couple and were happy with the afternoon's proceedings and paid up with a smile. I'm used to the bottom-heavy sound now, so we didn't have to feel our way into the first set this time and it was good to see some friendly faces in the audience, including Trollops' Di, Heather and Lyn, (pic 1)

3) Dr Wazz gets stuck into his yummy prosciutto pizza
Tony Nirta (pic 2) and Kate, rel's Kath and Geoff, Sue and Michael and Uncle Syl, the Drs' Sellers, Barry and Claire and Peter Carolan and friends.
After the show, Dr Wazz (pic 3) and Dr Marg left for 1061 Woodfire Pizza (World's Best Pizza I say) about half an hour before we did and still managed to arrive half an hour late. They said they had to photograph a phone tower disguised as a tree, so I s'pose it's understandable. Anyway, it was worth the wait and we had jolly fine pizzas as usual. Wazz asked me what was on the agenda and I said I had to attend to a nose hair that had sneaked under the line trimmer and had been irritating me all afternoon. He said he was sorry he'd asked and we ordered hot chocolates and a coffee before heading off home.
Spectrum back at the St Andrews pub this Sunday arvo
14.3.12 - No doubt it will be an interesting day too. It seems there may be some unresolved issues still to be addressed, (see the latest Diamond Valley Leader article), but, of course, Spectrum will be there in full prog' rock mode (amongst other musical guises) to entertain, thrill and occasionally bemuse you, as is our wont. See you there!

Kelly blows her trumpet (Gravias)
gig report
Lomond Hotel Sat. 10.3.12
Spectrum's return to the Lomond
11.3.12 -
There were a few rowdies in the room (from the Autumn Carnival) who'd apparently been clinging to the bar for most of the afternoon, but most of the audience had come for a civilised night at The Lomond with a nice meal followed by some music. It was so civilised that I decided not to vary the set list too radically and stay in everybody's comfort zone, (well, my comfort zone then), apart from the girl on the trumpet.. (pic) We had planned to do Brunswick St with Robbo's trumpet-playing friend Kelly O'Donohue and Bill had specially brushed up on that (and Soul Man), but in the event we didn't do either of them and Kelly improvised over the intro to Going Home instead. I thought she did very well too, given she'd never heard the song before and the trumpet certainly lent the song an interesting texture. The Drs Sellers and friends were in attendance as were Alana Galea and my cultural attaché, Maria Gravias, who took the pic.

Chris takes the mic from Mike
gig report
Chris O'Dea's b'day bash Portland Sat. 3.3.12
Chris O'Dea's birthday bash
6.3.12 -
(Where the hell did February go?) We first met Chris late last century when we did a couple of gigs at the Simpatico Mexican Restaurant in Castlemaine. She's a teacher in Portland these days and for some reason Bill and I came to mind when she was formulating her birthday party, for which we're grateful, if for no other reason than business is excrutiatingly slow at the moment. Portland is a bit of a hike, so it was disappointing when we arrived to find it being rained on with increasing steadiness and the marquee Chris had erected in the backyard revealing more and more leaks as the minutes went by. We set up warily and adjourned to the pub for tea and happily the rain was petering out by the time we got back, although the guitars were all very damp to the touch. It's not easy catering for a party as a duo, but three (!) renditions of I'll Be Gone seemed to satisfy everybody and we drove home the next day tired but, well, sort of happy..
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