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No Thinking launch date announced
The launch for SPTB's (Spectrum Plays The Blues) CD, No Thinking, will be at the Prahran Club, 258 High St Prahran on Sunday July 11th. For more details and how to get tickets, have a look at the invitation

The location of the mysterious Prahran Club (Courtesy White Pages)

News Flash! - New No Thinking T-shirts available at Launch
7.7.04 - Splendid news for T-shirt collectors - the handsome No Thinking T-shirt (left) will be available for the first time in the Universe at the No Thinking CD launch this Sunday (see details above). It's available in M, L, XL and XXL, and, as a first time special offer, in return for your entry ticket you'll get a $5.00 discount on your T-shirt, bringing the price down to a very reasonable $20.00.
PS - I know it's July - I'm just wallowing in the past for a few more days, then the July edition will be in yer face.
PPS - Robbo and Mrs Robbo are back from their compassionate leave in Qld - back to the plough Robbo!

More news from Greg Quill in the wilds of Canada
30.6.04 - Some news of a couple of Quill / Tolhurst live-to-air concerts you can tune into (if you can work out the time difference!)
In the first, Kerryn and David Spelman are performing an instrumental opening to the second half of what should be a fascinating concert ... you can hear it live on your computer through this link: WFUV - 90.7 FM at
Tuesday, June 29 at 8.00pm from the Merkin Concert Hall, New York
The Blood on the Tracks Project, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Bob Dylan's landmark album and featuring performances by Buddy Cage, Rich Robinson, Mary Lee Cortez, Jefferey Gaines, Richard Barone, Tony Visconti, Joan Osborne, Vernon Reid, Ollabelle, Jesse Harris, Toshi Reagon, Jen Chapin, Marc Anthony Thompson, Mary Lou Lord, Joel Harrison, Citizen Cope, Branden Ross, Alex de Grassi and others.
At the second, Summerfolk, Greg and Kerryn make their North American festival debut on Saturday August 20 ... hope you can make it to Owen Sound!
Greg Quill and Kerryn Tolhurst with the Usual Suspects (Dennis Pinhorn, bass; Denis Keldie, accordion;
Anne Lindsay, violin) Friday August 20-Sunday August 22 Summerfolk Music and Craft Festival, Owen Sound, Ontario -

  Sad news dept.
28.6.04 - As if the sudden death of our friend Bill Smale wasn't enough, I've heard over the past few days of the serious illness of guitarist, Ian 'Willy' Winter. Ian played with Carson and Ross Wilson's Mondo Rock amongst other bands, and was a gentle soul as I recall. You can find out more about his career by going to a site created by one of Willy's closest mates, Barry McCulloch, detailing his musical resumé, with reminiscences from Ian himself.

1) Part of the audience waiting for us to get under way 2) Bill makes a group of exchange students feel welcome
And so it begins..
25.6.04 - Yesterday it was Robbo's wedding (see pics below) which, quite properly, consumed the entire day. Today it was the Basement Discs' in-store, the first of many promotional in-store appearances (another one in Kyneton tomorrow morning - check the gig guide). This one was a very special one, and was originally scheduled as part of the Basement Discs' 10th anniversary celebrations. Of course, Robbo wasn't there the day after his wedding, so Jenny helped Bill and me out on her super-duper congas. Rod and Suzanne made us feel very comfortable, and Mark Ferrie dropped in to help us with the sound. Daryl Roberts, who guests on keyboards and piano accordian on No Thinking, rolled up too, and it was an altogether cosy arvo. See review
  Robbo and Lisa's fairy-tale wedding

1) The wedding mascots - the stars, Robbo and Lisa 2) Robbo and Lisa during the ceremony

3) Jenny reads one of the homiles selected by the happy couple 4) The official signing with Juliann, Broc and Trace

5) The Volcano team provided the background music for the ceremony 6) Ross Ryan morphs into Bob Dylan

7) Lisa and Robbo greet their friends after the ceremony 8) Robbo dances with his mum

9) Simon Burke (left) with the Stovetops helped the entrées go down

10) Mike trips the odd fantastic with Trace 11) Robbo has a play with the Rusty Nails in his kilt - and likes it!

Sunday Herald Sun Inside Entertainment 20.6.04
Hold the Presses - a No Thinking review!!!
20.6.04 - It had to happen - but so soon! (pause while I swoon..) Today's Sunday Herald Sun is where you'll find it, but I've ripped it out (left) and scanned it so you don't actually have to buy the paper.
Gig news - Last night we played a private party at the Willy RSL. It was Arthur's 60th birthday bash and Rob Rowe organised for us to play there for him.
Rob and Wendy's two girls, Cara and Katy, were there too, and had a ball. (Actually, Cara rather overdid it and had to go home a bit early).
It was also Robbo's last gig before he gets married - all the very best Robbo and Lisa!
Robbo's last gig as a bachelor with a radiant Cara
Birthday boy Arthur and friend Terry
You've heard the ad - now read the book!
20.6.04 -
Paul Culnane is a regular correspondent with this website, and has been involved recently with the production of a long overdue book about our great friend, Mike Brady.
Not only that, but he's written a review of the said book, which you can read before rushing out and buying it.
Brady is pictured (right) with MPD Ltd (Mike, Pete and Danny) flanked by Pete Watson and Danny Finley.
MPD Ltd had a huge hit single in 1965 with Johnny Burnette's Little Boy Sad and apparently had a dynamic stage act - which is a little hard to imagine these days.
I'm going out to buy a copy today.
Buckley's Chance comes to the Cornish Arms

1) Andy Baylor languidly rips it up 2) The whole Buckley's Chance shebang, with Ed Bates on the extreme right

3) Here's Ed in close-up, and loving it! 4) Bill and Andrew Pendlebury drift off to sleep in each others' arms

5) The Mercurials slip another one in under our guard
Andy Baylor's CD launch
18.6.04 -
Last night Bill and I moseyed on down to the Cornish Arms Hotel in the pouring rain, to find that, true to his word, Andy had put our names on the guest list. (I was half expecting him to have 'forgotten' as retribution for my not including his pic on the cover).
Mark Ferrie's Mercurials were playing their last number and we were able to have a word to Andy before he took the stage. I can't remember what it was though..
Anyway, then we settled down to a night of Andy's laid back Buckley's Chance material as interpreted on pedal steel, piano accordian, an upright bass and drums/percussion - and Andy's vocals and guitar of course. 'Delicious' is the word that comes to mind.
Stiffy's 50th bash at the races

1) The view of the course from the Committee rooms 2) Frank is truly surprised and a little unnerved by the turnout

3) Frank gives Phil Jacobsen a tip for the first race 4) Bongo Starkey and Chuggy try and remember the names of the horses

5) Helene Jedwab flew in from Broome 6) Mark Holden's hair colouring gets the taste test from Bill

7) Mark and Anna Holden with Bill Putt and James Barnes 8) Bill Thorpe tells our Bill to at least look interested

9) Greg Macainsh interviews Red Symons 10) The Herald Sun's Paul Stewart embraces Greg Macainsh

11) A Bull, Barnesy, another Bull, Debbie Conway, Renée Geyer, Paul Kelly, Daryl Braithwaite and James Reyne sing Happy Birthday to Frank to the amusement of Bernard Galbally 12) The Stivala from the Good Side - Frank's brother Joe
Frank Stivala's surprise party ends in tears
17.6.04 - The day didn't start auspiciously. Melbourne turned on a cold and showery morning for what was suposed to be a day of fun and frivolity for Frank Stivala's surprise 50th birthday party at the home of trotting, the Moonee Valley racecourse.
Bill and I left home early as advised on the invitation so that we could be 'seated' in the Committee rooms at 12.15 when Frank was due to arrive. We blundered around like the novices we are until we found the carpark, and then wandered into the Committee rooms with time to spare. There was already quite a load of celebrities there, plus most of the heavyweight industry wheelers and dealers and journalists etc. Amazingly, everybody had managed to keep Frank in the dark, and I think he was genuinely surprised when he eventually waddled into the Committee rooms.
Bill and I ended up on a table with Billy Thorpe, Red Symons and his wife Ellie, and Greg Macainsh. I had quite a long chat with Billy about his fabled Moroccan project (with four rhythm sections and full orchestration the recording will run into two and a half hours length - and then there's the stage show..). He talked at length about his third book in the trilogy (tentatively titled 'Little Pommy Bastard'), and then revealed that, not only is he a closet country music fan, who has every intention of releasing a country album at some stage, but that he is a long time pedal-steel player with a number of pedal and lap-steels in his possession. At which point, Bill joined the conversation and discovered that both he and Thorpie are long-time martial arts fans (and practitioners).
We chatted to a number of others of course, but there was the food to consume, the birthday speeches, the betting and so on. MC Trevor Marmalade suggested that the obvious choice for the Frank Stivala 50th Birthday Cup (yep, all the races were especially named for the occasion) would be the top weight, which happened to be the aptly named Deprave.Of course, the nag got up and won.
So, what about the day ending in tears? I dunno. Might've. We didn't hang around till the end. Somebody must've been upset about something. It's just a bloody headline.
BP stars with O'Brien kids in Mornington
15.6.04 -
Well-known Spectrum identity, Bill Putt, is known by the O'Brien kids simply as BP. Ryan (left) and feral two and a half year old brother, Curtis, (middle), are seen here with the mighty Pump at Beaches of Mornington on Saturday evening.
(Bill's benign expression belies the pain he endured manfully over the weekend with a badly strained shoulder. Keep smiling Big Guy!)
On the right, another entirely gratuitous mention of Andy Baylor's upcoming CD launch this Thursday night.
Mornington Swing 'N Blues and Torquay Golf Club gigs
14.6.04 -
That was quite a weekend! Saturday saw us rushing madly from one gig to the next, trying to create some sort of festival vibe in beautiful downtown Mornington. I'm not sure the general public got the message - maybe they were confused by the 'Affaire' tag - maybe it'll be next year Bill Dettmer gets to see the fruits of his indefatigable labours. Good onyer Bill!
The Torquay Golf Club gig yesterday just went off! A good turnout (see pic) listened good naturedly to the first set, then dropped their figurative plus-fours for the next two sets. A rainbow hovering over the 18th hole at one point seemed to set the mood for the arvo. The Eureka rules! (still)

1) Shane Hayton tries (unsuccessfully) to add some class to Beaches of Mornington 2) The nicely full room at the Torquay Golf Club wonders what Spectrum will get up to next

Andy smiles as he reels off another killer cajun lick
Buckley's Chance launch for Andy Baylor
10.6.04 -
I don 't always get an immediate response to my mail-outs, so I was pleasantly surprised to get an e-mail back from Andy Baylor last night inviting me to his forthcoming CD launch next Thursday the 18th at the Cornish Arms Hotel. (I'm not sure what time, but I'll find out for you).
It was then I had one of those really creepy moments, (rather like the onset of menopause
I imagine), and I flushed rather nastily and started to sweat.
Because it suddenly dawned on me that I'd left Andy's photo off the No Thinking cover!
Irony abounds of course, but I wasn't in the mood. Bugger! How could I be so careless!? Andy's cajun fiddling sets up the infectious Appalachian feel that Ross Wilson noted with such pleasure for the Good Mornin' Little Schoolgirl track, and we owe Andy big time. Well, for a start, I insist you all go to the Buckley's Chance CD launch next Thursday, and I promise to publish more gratuitous photos of Andy in the weeks to come. (I have the technology)

1) Café Phill's Patrick raises a quizzical eyebrow - because he can! 2) Part of the crowd of mad dancers - hold on, there's a ring-in! Get back on stage you camera hog! 3) These girls flew in by Lear Jet to catch Spectrum's performance - or that's what they told us.
Huge night in Barwon Heads
6.6.04 - Well, we mightn't have been working a lot lately, but the gigs have been a lot of fun. Café Phill's went off the first time we were there, but this time was berserk! We played a lot more of the old Spectrum / Murtceps repertoire and it seemed to suit the mood of the evening just fine.
Next Sunday we're playing in the area again, but this time in Torquay - the Torquay Golf Club to be precise. And it's in the afternoon (3.00 - 6.00), so it could be the ideal place to recover from the night before with the family in tow. See you there.
I haven't sent out a gig guide yet because the CD release date hasn't been confirmed. With the wariness about piracy these days, the pressing/printing company is awaiting official clearance from AMCOS re' the track listing details etc. It's all 'in the mail', but there will be the inevitable delays. Exciting ain't it?

1) Where am I going to get my strings now? 2) A smelly guitar looks for an owner
Music Junction Fire Sale
1.6.04 -
I was half asleep when I heard the news, but the name of the shop wasn't mentioned at that stage, so it was a bit of a shock when Robbo told me about the fire at Music Junction, Camberwell. Bill's actually had a look at the damage and said the smell was awful. And it wasn't the toilet this time!
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