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A handy idea which allows me to continually update without too many format considerations. You'll find all the latest poop in here - I'm trying to keep the latest news at the top, but you'll excuse the occasional inconsistency.
Now I've got to rush over to Bill (who's done his back in again) and deliver his Carlsbro for a lesson he's giving. Back soon!
OK - I'm back. Bill looks like shit, but he's had it looked at and he should gradually get better. What was I saying? Ah yes, Stop Press - which now leaves the problem of how to treat the Newsletter.. Solutions breed problems.
Fatherhood CD
27.9.03 Guess what I got in the mail! This attractively presented CD put together by Colin George dedicated to not-so-secret men's business. And the good news is that theres' a Rudd track on board. 'My Dad Said' is the name of the track, and if nothing else, it represents the first product from theRudd/Putt Accidental Music Studio. Hooray!
New plates
23.9.03 One of the Things In Life you can guarantee is that, when you're down, as sure as eggs, you'll find ways of going down even further. Now, I hate to harp on it, but gigs are few and far between at the moment, and money is at a premium . So, imagine my delight when I was pulled over by the local constabulary today and asked if I could account for the fact that my rear rego plate had lost much of its reflective capability.
There are so many options that occur to one after the event, but I contented myself with the observation that I hadn't really noticed its decline into luminescent obscurity.
The young constable was clearly concerned that I could be putting myself in danger of not being identified by the
Moon buggy's new plates
speedtraps they so thoughtfully provide in the area for my own safety, and promptly fined me $110.00 and told me to get some new plates forthwith.
After a consoling coffee at the Junction, I decided I might as well get it over with and reported to Vic Roads. I was overjoyed to discover I could not only get my new plates right away, but I could get the slogan of my choice! Pictured is the new plate and slogan that now adorns the trusty moon buggy. Every cloud has a silver lining..
It's ready at last!!
Today I got the e-mail from Tony Barber we've been waiting for - Long Way 'Til You Drop, the book about the LWTTT tour, is ready (see pic) and available in the stores on October 1st. Can't wait!

Rudd and Putt in Hey Gringo session
Thursday 17.9.03 As Spectrum ploughs uncertainly through its own album(s), Bill and I still managed to find time to head over to Williamstown to guest on Daryl Roberts' Hey Gringo CD being recorded at Nicky Bomba's Spotswood studio. We arrived in Willy early enough to have a coffee before sauntering down to the studio - to find the session running inevitably behind, with Ross Wilson (pics) still putting the finishing touches to a song even as we arrived. Gringo bassist Paul Gadsby and drummer Les Oldman were there too, and a little later Brod Smith arrived, telling tales of his car breaking down as he got into town from his base in Castlemaine. Apparently a couple of young blokes gave Brod some help getting his stricken car to a service station, and then offered to give him a lift back to Castlemaine! Brod figures it must be the good karma credit he's run up recently that's obviously paying off.

1) L-R Paul Gadsby, Daryl Roberts, Nicky Bomba, Les Oldman and Ross Wilson

2) Ross puts the finishing touches to his song
The Boss is back!
3) Ross nonchalantly reels off another neato Wilson/Roberts original..

Action Man hits town..
The elusive John Baker (seen here having a late breakfast with Kiwi friend Karen @ Blakes in Greville St Prahran), was in town recently reconnoitering for the White Stripes, for whom he tour manages. He's been negotiating a deal with Festival NZ to release a 'decent' digital version of the Chants R&B live @ the Stagedoor, complete with a comprehensive set of photos and notes, including some by surviving members of the legendary Christchurch band.
The Give It A Whirl TV series, aired recently in NZ, whilst not having quite the impact of the corresponding LWTTT series in Oz, has stirred up quite a bit of interest, and John figures now's as good a time as any to re-release
the Chants' epic sweaty recording. John claims he's found some more previously unheard material to add to the mix, and, if I can persuade Tony Brittenden to commit to CD the tapes of his live-to-air performance in 1964 (?) that he retrieved from his brother's garage after much prompting, featuring me (and Martin I think) as his backing band, there could be some very interesting bonus track possibilities.
Mike & Bill talk the talk..
Sunday 31.8.03
Mike & Bill seen here nestling up to 1116 3AK's Sandy Kaye on an otherwise bleak Melbourne Sunday evening, after chatting and playing on Sandy's music/chat show.
Actually, we didn't play I'll Be Gone, as I had surmised in the gig guide - we only had time to play one song, Jamaican Farewell. However, the station played I'll Be Gone top and tail to make up.
A lot of you will have missed hearing the show (despite the fact I mentioned it in the gig guide), because I didn't send out the obligatory warning e-mail. Sigh! It's true! Having a website doesn't mean I don't have to send out e-mails any more - I can see that now.. Crap!
Bill, Sandy and Happy Mike
Spectrum in the studio
Thursday 4.9.03
If you needed the visual proof that Spectrum are busy recording; here it is! The generously proportioned AM studio/mixing suite plays host to three people recording at the same time no less - a logistical and technical feat that marks a new phase in the studio's short history.
All things being equal, there maybe something to show for it soon. Well, it has to be soon really - the songs occupying our attention today have to be completed and despatched to the States by the 15th of this month. Wish us luck..
Spectrum sends for the Doctor!
Monday 8.9.03
It didn't take long - days into the project and Cubase develops a problem. What do you do? You send for the Doctor! The Williamstown PC Doctor that is - James 'no problem' Feldman. (pic)
If you have problems with your PC in any shape or form, give him a hoy on 0438 829 684 or e-mail: pcdoctor@jamesfeldman.net (He's house trained too, so no need to lay out the newspapers in case he's caught short).
PS - With James' help, the MP3s were duly uploaded to the address in the States - only the confirmation page failed, so we don't know if they got there or not. The good news is that they took our money OK!
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