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MORE Mike Rudd & Bill Putt videos

It had to happen - and now it has. Here are all the video clips I can muster for the moment on two pages. If you want you can check them out on YouTube but you probably won't get the historical (and occasionally hysterical) overview.
Spectrum - Everybody's Walking Sideways
Spectrum 1972 - Everybody's Walking Sideways
27.6.09 - Another contribution from the ABC's Simon Kain, although the more I look at it, the more I suspect it's not actually a GTK recording. I'll have to check the original correspondence and see if there's a hint as to what show it might be. Everybody's Walking Sideways is from the Sideways Saga suite on the Milesago album and it was a curious song to choose. I'll get back on this..Hmmm. I'm now thinking it was Dick Williams' Hit Scene on ABC TV. More to come..
Spectrum - the GTK theme
Spectrum plays the GTK theme
24.6.09 - I was making an attempt to tidy up and to catalogue the CDs and DVDs cluttering up my living space when I found this particular DVD that the ABC's Simon Kain had sent me and which I'd intitially turned down because of synch. issues.
It's not that substantial and, frankly, it's not that good - the anarchic Fugs-type approach I had in my head doesn't really come off. Still, it's a slice of history..
Spectrum - Who is Bugging You?
Spectrum - Who is Bugging You?
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Ariel - Hard Way To Go
Ariel - Hard Way to Go
30.7.14 - Harry Brus stuck this GTK clip up on FB a little while back as a dedication to the late, great Bill Putt and sadly it remains one of the very few live records you can see today of this fabulous line-up of Ariel. We all look a a bit grumpy 'cause it was raining and we were due in the studio the very next day to record A Strange Fantastic Dream with the late Peter Dawkins at the helm. Grumpy or not, Tim is playing sublimely.
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Mike Rudd & The Heaters - the Mushroom Evolution concert
The Heaters live at the Mushroom Evolution concert
18.5.09 - Thank goodness! A live clip to balance the extraordinary silliness of the promotional videos. Thanks to the indefatigable RettroDood
for digging up another Rock Arena clip.
More to say when I get my breath back..
Mike Rudd & The Heaters - I'm An Animal
The Heaters - I'm An Animal
18.5.09 - RettroDood strikes again! Incredibly, this is an even hammier experience than the other clips he's unearthed. Our old friend Howard Gable, who produced this single and The Heaters' The Unrealist album, had persuaded us that we should get into putting eye-makeup on (kajal) for our live performances - so we used it on the clip as well! I seem to remember the live part was filmed at the Bombay club. I'll think of something else interesting to say about it eventually.. The Countdown version is much better - see nearlyoutofideas on YouTube.
Mike Rudd & The Heaters - Australian Girl (Countdown)
Aussie Girl - Countdown style
30.8.09 - 3D Radio's Michael Hunter dug this one up for me, and it provides a camparatively restrained counterbalance to the official clip - and probably got seen by ten times the audience. Still didn't do much good for the sales though.. One of the songs I'm considering revising for a Liberation Blue-type treatment.
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WHY - Daryl Somers Show
WHY on the Daryl Somers Show!
15.6.09 - It must be more than a year ago that I got a data disk from ex-Heaters/WHY keyboardist Tony Fossey, but it wasn't till last week that I got around to checking it out. We used to snigger at Tony for religiously keeping a record of everything, but now I'm grateful - there are some real treasures. The Daryl Somers show didn't last long, but this clip probably demonstrates better than anything else on record what WHY was attempting to do. There's a bit of tape wow at the start and guitar hoemorrhaging in John Moon's solo, but that just adds to the live-ness.
WHY - Hey, Hey It's Saturday 
WHY on Hey, Hey It's Saturday
17.6.09 - Even rarer than WHY playing on the Daryl Somers Show, (below), is this clip of WHY on Hey, Hey It's Saturday playing Percy Grainger, a track from the unreleased (in Australia) album, Present Tense. (It's a long, painful story, that will probably never be told). In an all-too typical case of failure of imagination, this song is uncomfortably shackled in its '80s power-pop shoulder pads, whereas it should have been given the vaudeville straw hat treatment. By the time we get to the rather childish punchline, you just don't care. Daryl and the ostrich have fun with it..
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Spectrum now - Going Home
Going Home
4.2.15 - Thanks to Peter Carolan for preserving this rave from the trio's gig at The Lomond Hotel (Sat. 24.1.15). The stream-of-consciousness rave is something I used to do on a regular basis but a lot less often these days - I guess I have to be in the mood, but I also suspect the possibilty of people recording me is an inhibiting factor. I don't want to offend anybody in the room, of course, but having to consider a YouTube audience as well is a big ask, so I hope that you're not offended.
Spectrum now - I'll Be Gone ('B' version)
Another I'll Be Gone..
10.11.08 - I almost forgot - Peter Laffy got in touch to remind me that we'd been filmed at the New Capers' lauinch of Breathing Space back in buggered if I can remember in 2008. This is a particularly pedestrian version of the B version of IBG, notable for the inclusion of Nic Lyon on bass and Tim gaze on guitar, but also a dud reed on my E harp, which only ever gets a workout on this song. Laff said he was sending me some DVDs of the whole show, but in the meantime you can go and check out some more footage on the webite when I remember whatever the address is..
BTW, there's a James Reyne version live on RocKwiz too!
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Mike Rudd - Funky Road interview
Funky Road interview
11.12.08 -
I'd forgotten entirely about this interview and the programme (Funky Road) for which it was recorded for that matter. My sibilant 's' (that would have to be rectified if I wanted to pursue a career as a teacher I was told) is prominent, as is Glyn's discomfort at being asked about our writing together (we never did that really). I wonder what happened to Stephen MacLean?
Mike Rudd - Wrokdown interview
Mike on Wrokdown
14.2.08 - Wendy Stapleton does her best with Rambling Mike Rudd, but he just rambles on and on till the collective snoring almost drowns out the interview. Anita Monk's worthy agenda with Wrokdown is to track the latter-day careers of active musicians and artists from the sixties and seventies and apprise the great unwashed of the same. This particular episode has been shown twice on Channel 31 and may even have helped our crowds (Wendy played the previous Sunday) at the Mordialloc Sporting Club. Or not..
Chants R&B - interview (TV3)
Chants R&B on TV3
9.12.07 -
Miranda Worthington read my bit in the Chants R&B diaries where I said I'd not seen the TV3 interview with Trev and me and didn't know whether it actually had seen the light of day. Mazz saw it first by accident when it was initially re-broadcast on Foxtel, and then discovered it on YouTube. So, here it is, complete with their mistakenly identifiying me as Mike Judd. (They love a musical dynasty in NZ). Thanks Mazz!
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Bill Putt - The Valley of Ewen
The Valley of Ewen
18.6.08 -
Brenden Mason popped up on my doorstep this morning, thrust a disc into my hand and fled back to Real Guitars. So, here it is at last for your viewing pleasure, featuring quite a bit of me as it turns out, as well as the fiddle-playing Lance O'Reilly. If you want to see this clip, and any of the others on this page for that matter, in its pristine condition, go to our site on YouTube
Bill Putt - Pedro the goat
Pedro the goat
4.2.09 - There's really nothing sinister about Bill's relationship with Pedro the goat, despite Bill being trapped for days at a time at Rosewood, his partner Rosemary's property at Strathewen miles away from anywhere. (Scroll down to see Bill's The Valley of Ewen video below). This is a charming little song written by Bill and realised on video with Bill's usual efficiency - not to mention with the essential complicity of Real Guitar's all-round nice guy, Brenden Mason
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Dick Rudd - It Comes As No Surprise
It Comes As No Surprise - Mike and Dick's entrant in the Pigdon Five-minute Film Festival
It didn't win the Oscar, but I believe that it won a lot of friends in the audience on the night. Unfortunately, owing to a prior commitment at the Wild Thyme Café I couldn't be there, but Dick said his daughter Elizabeth wasn't actually embarrassed by it, so he's deliriously happy. Incidentally, we owe a debt of thanks to Bill Dettmer, who added to the reality and drama of the crucial opening scene by loaning us his ambulance - and himself.
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