The life and times of Nicky Campbell (cont.)
The not so memorable moments were hitting the cow in the middle of the night, I think on our way to Wellington or somewhere similar to work in a shearing shed and if I remember right, it was Easter and we had a shitfight getting hold of a rental van to reload our equipment into as the Transit was R.S and in need of some serious repairs.
My next shit memory came when the mighty Transit shit itself in Albury and I was left holding the body and sleeping in the van at night while it got repaired. I remember that vividly. I think I was there almost a week waiting for it to be fixed (Wouldn't life have been so much easier if mobile phones had been available in those days, instead of having to hitch for miles to the nearest town or phone).
I have also enclosed a list of the bands that I can remember that I worked with:
America, Bad Company with Clive Coulsen their manager (NZ Friend), Barry White, Black Sabbath, Brian Ferry & Roxy Music (2 tours), Cat Stevens (Japan & Aus), Charles Aznavour, Cheap Trick, David Essex, Deep Purple, Doobie Brothers, Duran Duran, Focus (Japan & Aus), Ian Drury & the Blockheads, James Taylor, Joe Cocker (2 tours), Kinks, Kraftwork, Leo Sayer (2 tours), Leon Russell, Lou Reed (2 tours), Manfred Man, Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka, Osmonds, Pink Floyd, Rick Wakeman (Journey to the Centre of the Earth), Roberta Flack, Rod Stewart & Small Faces, Rolling Stones, Santana (2 tours), Slade, Status Quo, Super Tramp, UB40, Uriah Heap, Wings (Paul McCartney), AC/DC, Affair (Kerry Biddell & Jim Kelly), Angels (USA, UK & Europe), Billy Thorpe, Cold Chisel, Daddy Cool, La De Dahs (Kevin Borich), Larry & the Rebels, Renee Geyer, Richard Clapton, Sherbet, Skyhooks, TMG and of course SPECTRUM.
I went back to live in NZ for about 12 months around 1973 but didn't like it too much so headed back to Melbourne and worked for Ron Blackmore again at Artist Concert Tours (A.C.T.)
I recently went to Melbourne for the funeral of a mate who I worked with when with Cold Chisel (Gerry Georgettis). He used to do a lot of stuff at Nova in his early years.... At his funeral I saw people I hadn't seen in 30-35 years like Billy McCartney, Rick Browne from Nova now living in Perth, Murtin Citdor who now live in Cairns (ex Nova). John Woodhead (Nova) who I think was responsible for those big heavy P.A. columns that I had to cart around on my own - no mean feat may I add. Trying to get downstairs at Berties on a Saturday night with one of those mothers balanced precariously on my shoulders trying to brush past punters running up the stairs and refusing to get out of the way. On numerous occasions I can still hear the clonk sound as yet another punter ran into the end of the bloody big columns. I had no control once they were up on my shoulder until I put them down again - God help anyone or thing in my way. Then there was that bloody Hammond. What a bitch that was - and if Lee buggered off and left me I couldn't move the mother by myself.
I occasionally talk to Scrooge on the phone and I caught up with him at Gerry's funeral. It was a great wake after the funeral in a motor bike warehouse in outer Melbourne somewhere. Sure was great to catch up with all that crew and trade email addresses.
I have enclosed a couple of photos of my wife Lyn & I taken in Bali the night we left to come home as a celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary. The second is of my three daughters Taria (18 1/2) and Ebony and Jorja (twins nearly 17).

I have also enclosed a photo of a TV cabinet I made for the family at work in my spare time. I have made our entire house full of furniture including tables, coffee tables, beds, dressing tables, bedside cabinets, shoe boxes, buffet & hutch, corner TV cabinet, storage cupboards, spice rack, jewellery boxes, desks & bookcases over a period of 10 years or so. I have been building furniture for 14 yrs now for the same company so I've got it down pat.